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critterlady 05-18-2014 12:41 AM

Obedience Classes
After a long search I finally found an obedience class that I was comfortable with! Zeus is now 20 weeks old, we have went to 2 classes so far, the instructor told me she used pinch collars for training, along with a lot of positive reinforcement, I wasn't so sure about the whole pinch collar thing so she said I could use the martingale collar I had. No matter what I tried Zeus pulled horribly, about 15 minutes into the second class the trainer suggested I try a pinch collar, she said she had one I could try, the moment I put it on Zeus I noticed a huge difference, no more pulling at all, he walks right at my side! The trainer reassured me that the collar wasn't a bad thing if properly used and instructed me on how to use it, so far it's working well and classes are going great. Today I took Zeus out to practice obedience at the ball park while my boys had team practice, after a while a man came up to me and said "I wish I had a dog that minded like that!" I felt very proud of Zeus, all our hard work is paying off! Now if I could just get him to stop randomly barking at people, one thing at a time I guess!

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ken k 05-18-2014 07:45 AM

nothing wrong with the prong collar, as long as it's used correctly, and if you go to class and do your home work, you won't need the prong collar after awhile

lyssa62 05-18-2014 08:11 AM

That's how the prong collar was introduced to us a trainer who showed me how to use it. I use it for all walks now....has helped TONS! Walks are now enjoyable by both me and Roxy.

Cara Fusinato 05-18-2014 05:51 PM

Sounds JUST like my trainer in Fresno CA -- called it "power steering for dogs". Once the dog listened well enough to learn the zone for loose leash and heeling and build a habit, the prong could be swapped back out for a martingale.

sourdough44 05-18-2014 10:56 PM

I like the prong collar too, for a pulling dog. There is no reason for the handler to pull or tug. I have used them on several dogs with fine results.

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