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onmr82 05-01-2014 05:03 PM

Going Down Stairs
Hey Everyone,
I have around a 5 month (20 weeks and 1 day) old puppy born on December 11th. She can go up stairs fine and down most stairs... like the stairs connecting our front door to our side drive but when i comes to the stairs that connect the first and second floor she can't even take a step. They are hollywood stairs so they have rafters in between each step and there is a platform halfway. I taught her how to go up them last week and now she is going up and getting stuck and I have to carry down a 45lb dog to the bottom. I have tried many things including treats and everything. She can go right up to the first step but when I try to teach her with a leash she just goes crazy and starts barking. Any advice would be helpful!

mydogs 05-01-2014 07:37 PM

I sat on the stairs a few steps down and held treats. She will get it it takes a few days but keep doing it with her think it took me 3 days.

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Bear L 05-01-2014 08:47 PM

This is what I did to my puppy when she had this problem - I walked away... she followed because it's more scary to her to be left behind than the stairs. Then she got over it quickly once she realized the stairs aren't going to eat her up.

placeshifter 05-04-2014 07:41 AM

Is it dangerous to have a puppy go up and down a long staircase for potty breaks?

I've been carrying her up and down because the stairs to my apartment are long (probably around 25 steps). I figured slipper wooden stairs would be bad for a 8 week old puppy. Once downstairs, it takes her a while to wander around a large stone courtyard to poo/pee.

But I'm afraid the carrying isn't teaching her proper house training.

I stayed at my girlfriend's house and potty training is SO MUCH EASIER. We walk out the front door, to the front lawn, and she goes in seconds and is ready to come back in.

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