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Ellimaybel 04-23-2014 04:40 AM

Potential signs?
Just wondering about some things Gunther expresses in his play if any trainers think that his behavior could show potential for more? When I put on my hoodie he associates that with borderline aggression. He is never mean and I can always put him in his place. However when the hoodie comes on he goes into crazy mode where he's pulling on my sleeve and tugging me and barking at me. When either one of us stomp our feet at him he charges and barks. All while being able to shut it off and turn back into our boy who melts under our attention. If I fall to the ground or floor and say "help me" he instantly grabs ahold of my sleeve or pants leg and tries to tug me.

Curious to know if these could be signs that Gunther has a potential working line hidden in him that I can somehow incorporate into training. I think that Gunther is trying to be more than I'm allotting him to be. Any ideas on if this may be true, and if so, than how to best highlight this character behavior in training?

*sidenote* He gets the same way with the hoodie as with gloves.

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