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8 week puppy questions!

Hello everyone
I just joined the forums and I'm so glad I did, everyone seems very knowledgeable which I need some right now!

So april 22 I'm getting a 8 week old GSD puppy.
I personally have always loved my dogs sleeping and cuddling in the same bed as me. But my old dog was about 6 years old and about 1-2 years old when we got him.

So my question is how old was your puppies when/if they started to sleep with you. Did they ever pee or poop on bed?

Is 8 weeks to young to start teaching them how to sit and potty train them?

Any tips on potty training?

I don't personally believe in leaving my dogs in crates or cages because of the size. I usually will leave the dog in the bathroom for their space when I'm not home. Is the bathroom a good place to keep them when you're not home? And if you use pee pads did they take to them well?

Sorry for all the questions but I thought it would be good to get some info from other GSD owners.

Thanks so much
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here... General Puppy Stuff - German Shepherd Dog Forums

Good info in all the stickies..

Also, 8 weeks is not too early to train things like that. Titan knew sit, come and down in the first weekend I had him.. just because it worked out taht way. For me it just came a part of our bonding. He wanted some of my Chicken, and I wanted him to work for it rather than just get it.

At this age I wouldn't start instantly with Training as your goal, jsut build the relationship with him, with a lot of positivity.. and of course boundaries that you are going to stick by! ex: if you don't want him on the couch when he's older, then you shouldn't let him there as a baby puppy no matter how cute he looks at you and begs... you think it won't matter.. but it does.. true life story from Whitney and Titan

I am going to 100% disagree with your lack of desire to crate train simply because I think you might have the wrong idea about it and it is such a great thing once it's trained! I personally would not leave your pup in the bathroom. If you are absolutely against crate training, I would look into some kind of pen that you can set up where they only have access to things you allow. There is jsut too many things a puppy can get into in the bathroom.. IMO Take a look at this first though..

What is crate training (why put my puppy in a cage?)

Can't wait to see pictures of your pup You are going to be in love!


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Great tips and info from wyoung2153 and I'd just add ---> Top Training Expectations for Puppies

Make sure you read up on and have the crate ready. CRATES ROCK!!!

Good luck with your new puppy and can't wait to see PICTURES!


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Indie just turned 13 months old. Up until about a month ago, she slept in the crate in my bedroom with the crate door closed. She never really had a problem with it. The first few nights, my kids slept next to it in their sleeping bags. I now keep the crate door open and my bedroom door closed (or she will harrass the cats all night long); she starts on my bed, but then goes back to her crate on her own. She likes her "house" - and I think she gets too hot on the bed. She also likes to sleep kind of on her back. In the crate, she can wedge herself against the corners to get comfortable on her back.

There is too much in the house or even the bathroom for her to get into at night. Just ask my old, completely demolished cell phone. Fortunately she didn't swallow any of the glass. Indie couldn't use pee pads as a small pup, she would just shred them. I was afraid of the problems that could be caused by ingesting plastic and the absorbent material. I hated the thought of her being uncomfortable, but the thought of her ingesting something she shouldn't (blanket, dog bed, towels), was worse. Just remember - most will chew/shred just about anything - so be careful what you leave with an unsupervised pup.

We used the x-large crate until she was about 7 months old. When her ears stuck through the top when she sat up, I bought a kennel to use indoors. It's 5x5 and 6 feet tall. She has plenty of room to move around when we aren't home. It's has a black, powder coat finish - so it's not too ugly for indoors. We keep it in the basement. It used to be upstairs in the mostly unused office, but I couldn't trust her to not chew on the carpeting in there.

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Our little guy is 14 weeks old. I can't recommend crate training enough, especially at night. I personally would wait to introduce the pup to the bed for a few reasons, mostly being that a brand new pup doesn't know you or the bed and will likely be unsettled for a few nights which makes sleep hard for you.

I also find that they feel secure in their crates at night. Hans hated it the first night, was reasonably ok the second night (though I had to lie down next to the crate on the floor until he fell asleep, even though it was right next to our bed), and totally fine going forward. Now at night, he goes upstairs to our bedroom with us and walks straight into his crate and spreads himself out like a little king.

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Thanks for all the tips and info everyone!
I think I'm going to go with the crate training aswell.

But another question now! How long did it take for your puppy from when you first got them to when they learned to use the potty outside?
Majority of my house is carpet so it kind of worries me!
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Took my pup about two weeks to be potty trained. The quickest way to get it done is keep a diligent schedule.
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took a few weeks of constant watch and scolding yourself when you didn't see the puppy needed to be taken out


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About two weeks, then about three days to be doggy good trained. It was so easy for us.

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Apart from the first night when Hans had diarrhea (we think anxiety-driven), he never, ever pooped inside the house.

It probably took about 2-3 weeks to get him to consistently ASK to go potty outside. But even after that, he had the odd accident or two. He's now 14 weeks and he hasn't had an accident inside in over a week. At night he holds it for 8 hours no problem in the crate.

If we go out during the day and leave him in his crate/ex pen, I still do line the ex pen with puppy pads because he drinks a lot of water during the day and will pee if left alone for more than 3.5-4 hrs.

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