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Cocanougherk 03-22-2014 08:32 PM

Pup barks after uncrating
I purchased Ava from an advertisment, she is 6 months old, and I suspect there was abuse. She cowered from my husband, and still cowers when she comes in contact with people other than myself, she was even afraid of the cats outside! We've had her about 3 weeks now, and she's filling out nicely (at the time we picked her up her ribs were showing and her stomach was sunk in). She seems to love her crate, often going to it when we are sitting around watching tv, and we crate her for safety while we are gone, however when we come home she barks and whines after the door is opened and does not calm down for several minutes. She's not crated for long periods as my husband and I have opposite work schedules and one of us is usually home. She's very happy, licking your hand and wagging her tail, but she runs through the house barking. (I wonder if she might be looking for her previous owner??) We have two miniature schnauzers who are now picking up this habit of running through th house barking after being uncrated, how can we deter her from this. We've tried being firm and saying "Stop", but to be quite honest we're not well versed on dealing with pups and I don't want to screw the poor girl up any more than she already was; she's made such great progress in 3 short weeks, i don't want to hinder that. Thanks for all advice!

Apoolutz 03-22-2014 08:54 PM

It sounds like your puppy is just excited, when I come home I walk in the house and don't say anything or if I do it's very quite and calm and just let Gunner out of the crate, we go straight outside and then I'll talk to him

GRANBYsyztem 04-01-2014 04:31 AM

Have you tried making her wait before she comes out of the crate after you open it? My pup learned pretty quick that if hes excited and worked up he doesnt get to come out. When i walk to the crate he used to get all excited and i'd just stand there and wait for him to settle. Then slowly open the crate door and say wait. If he makes a move to get out i just close the door on him. He sits back down and waits. He's 12 1/2 weeks now and I can open the crate door say "wait" walk out of the room, shut the door behind me and when i go back in he's still waiting for his release word. I say "come out" very calmly and he just walks out.

SunCzarina 04-01-2014 09:28 AM

6 months old is a flaky period, even for dogs with a solid foundation as younger pups. Given time, patience and consistency, she'll be just fine.

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