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Slappzilla 03-05-2014 08:16 PM

It's been awhile, does my potty training plan sound ok?
Last fall we put our GSD of 13yrs down due to cancer.

We get our new pup from the breeder 3/16/2014.

It's been a good 13-14yrs since I had to potty train a puppy.

Here's my plan. I'm not saying it's perfect or even good. Like I said, it's been awhile. I'm just looking for tips and/or advice.

- Take out once every hour (when possible) during the day for at least 15min or until puppy goes. At night, set alarm to 1am and take dog out. (last time before bed will be around 9pm and I'm usually up between 430-5am)

- Lots of treats/celebrations when/if puppy goes outside in designed area

- If there's a 'tell' that puppy has to go, get him out regardless of time.

- If puppy does let it loose in house, put puppys nose by accident, stern "NO", and take outside (I know this one will get argued but I've done it for years)

That's my basic plan. I will be crating the dog at night and the few times of week during the day when both the wife and I will be gone, but I don't want to put potty pads in crate because I do not want the puppy to think that going inside is an acceptable option at all.

I started this thread for tips/help. Like I said, it's been awhile.

Sunflowers 03-05-2014 08:38 PM

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Slappzilla 03-19-2014 09:46 AM

So its been about two weeks now and the puppy doesn't have many accidents in the house anymore, but I think that's only because of how often we vet him out. If were not home he's in his crate and he won't go in his crate, but when were home we get him out every 30-45min.

I'm wondering if he's getting the concept that he has to go outside or if were just getting him out so much that were getting lucky.

If he does go in the house, we yell out the standard "NO" while he's in the act and get him outside asap.

I guess I'm just hoping he gets the concept that going in the house is not acceptable, and if not, how to push the concept.

Candi0416 03-20-2014 01:19 PM

I just got a puppy last Friday . She just turned 6 weeks yesterday ( I know she is younger then what people would say but the mom started to growl and not want anything to do with her and she is a big girl for her age ) My other dog is 5 years old so it's been awhile since puppy hood butI take my girl out ever 2 hours to pee ( unless she just drank water then I take her out 5 min after she drank and wait til she goes and immediately after she eats. She only had one piddle accident I told her no and took her outside to her spot and I made sure I cleaned up with enzyme cleaner ( that was on her 2nd day) I take her to the same spot in the yard every time on her leash. She goes every time I take her to the spot. I been sleeping on the couch next to her crate so as soon as she wakes up and cries we go outside which is ever 2 hours. I don't ever take my eyes off of her. I have a blocked area where we play and only trust her in the play area after she pottys outside. I put her in her crate if I have to take my eyes off her. I did this with my other dog when I got her at 8 weeks and we never had an accident ever. I will be hovering like this over her till the end of summer or till I know I can trust her completely I know all my hard work I put In Will lead to her properly potty trained.

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AndreaLS687 03-20-2014 09:16 PM

I think you are doing good. At 2 weeks in its probably a mix between him understanding were he needs to go and you letting him out enough. Ive had my pup for 4 weeks now and around week 3 he started letting me know when he needs to go out...but sometimes he does have accidents. We now only have to take him out every 1 to 2 hours unless he tells us differently. Keep doing what you are doing. I used the same method as you and its going pretty smoothly.

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