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Help!!! She's urinating everywhere!!!

So, we just got our puppy 5 days ago and she seems to have somehow picked a spot to poop without us having to potty train her. However, I can't say the same for when she urines. I googled this problem and most of them had answers like look for the signs that she's going to 'go' and quickly direct her to the correct spot. The problem is she is not showing any signs and she just does it in the midst of whatever it is she is doing. Does anybody have any suggestions?? By the way, she is nearly 3 months.

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How often are you taking her out? I'd try to take her out at very regular intervals at this age. Don't give her the chance to pee indoors - take her out a couple times an hour and say "go potty!" If she pees, praise and reward her a lot! If she starts to go inside, say "uh-uh" or something and take her out right away. At this age, she needs to be watched constantly. They can get into trouble fast! Don't punish if she goes inside, just say uh uh and go right outside. She'll learn, some take longer than others!

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I picked up an 11 week old puppy back in January, and had the exact same problem you are reporting. For the first week he went what felt like constantly, I had paper towels ready in almost every room.

After a week he finally got it, and by the time I had him two weeks he rarely had a accident.

I wouldn't worry about it too much, things should start changing soon for you.
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I take her out whenever I am at home. I do shout 'no' whenever she pees somewhere she isn't supposed to. I noticed this evening that she moved towards the grass to pee instead of inside the kennel. I guess that should be an improvement? Thank you so much for your advice.

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You want to potty trading your puppy, you need to put some effort into it and it will pay it. It took me 2 days and nights of hard work and she was trained to go out, it was further 10 day to enforce this behavior. Sure she had accidents here and there but infrequently. Basically, for first couple of day and nights we would observe puppy and would take her outside almost every 1.5 -2 hrs and try to get her to pee or poop. We would use very excited praise one she has done it and exclaimed good pee or good poop so she would recognize good behavior and to positively enforce it. Due to winter time it was a bit of a challenge as it was pretty cold and lot of snow. We were very persistent and we would walk around spots she like to go until she did based on the simple fact that dog can hold their bladder for as many hours as their age in months +1. Basically at the beginning we would go at 2 hrs intervals. Also we would go and do run around 11:00 PM at night. She would be in the crate at night and would make sounds once she wanted to go out. So yes first week we did go middle of the night and then things started to improve and she usually lasted till 5:00 AM. She pretty much never went in her crate but if she ever did we made sure that everything was cleaned and deodorized. Dog by nature is clean and they will keep it clean. A bit of sacrifice at the beginning, pays off in the long run.
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Housebreaking is always a challenge for me. Have you found this section of the forum yet? --> Welcome to the GSD/FAQ's for the first time owner - German Shepherd Dog Forums

In particular you may want to read up on crate training. I don't know how people raised a puppy (unless you are home all the time) any other way. --> What is crate training (why put my puppy in a cage?)

Hope you are working on ---> Top Training Expectations for Puppies


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Originally Posted by Alice13 View Post
I take her out whenever I am at home. I do shout 'no' whenever she pees somewhere she isn't supposed to. I noticed this evening that she moved towards the grass to pee instead of inside the kennel. I guess that should be an improvement? Thank you so much for your advice.

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Is this puppy outside? or are you trying to housebreak her?

Take her out often. I was taking my pup out about every 30 minutes is he was running and playing. Movement stimulates their system! So if she is playing hard, take her out often! Take her out when you take her out of the kennel. Take her out after she eats or drinks. Take her out just because. Do it often.

Or are you trying to get her to pee in a specific spot in the yard? If so, place wood shavings or something down to make it clear there is a difference in the yard. She doesn't know that this grass is ok but that grass isn't.

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Shes peeing in the house because it smells like a pee spot to her nose. You have to use enzyme cleaner. I taught my pup stairs and she got down and as soon as she did I yelled yes! She was already peeing, and she learned that downstairs was a good place to pee because she did it a few more times.
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I don't know how old your pup is, but both my dogs went through a stage of non-stop peeing when they were pups. One is still a pup and is in the midst of that stage now.

I got a belly band for him to help keep it off of the floor and it seems to help him not tee in the house too. I don't think he likes to tee in the thing so it's deterring him a bit. At the moment it is MIA and I wish I could find it! They come in the female version too. It's sort of a diaper for when they're in heat so males can't get through, but it works the same for pottying. Like I said though, I use it just to keep it off of the floor, not to let him use in place of going out. Although, it is less stressful if he gets away out of sight for a moment.

I'm also tethering and that helps. Helps me keep an eye on him, helps keep him from teeing where he shouldn't...

I know what you mean though; you try to watch them and catch it before it happens, and I bet you're already taking her out quite often enough. At this stage, you can take them out, they'll tee, and turn right around 15 minutes later and tee on the floor. Who would have seen that coming??

I think it's a stage they go through and it passes. It did with my other one and he's pretty reliable now.

I would get the enzyme cleaner. It will help! It's not 100%, none of them on the market are; but they really help. I use Out!. The problem is that once they use a certain spot so many times, it doesn't matter what it smells like. They're most likely using it for the same reason they did the first time when it had no smell - it looks like a good place to go. But the Out! will help keep the odor out of your home.
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Bell training worked wonders for Max, we placed a bell on the door. We would take him out at regular intervals, ring the bell and give him a treat every time we took him out and rang it again on the way back in with another treat. After 2 days, he went over to the door and smacked the bell with his paw, we never have had an accident since.

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