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pascal's momma 01-16-2014 06:06 PM

11 month intact male with territorial aggression
My puppy Pascal is the first GSD we have owned. I have owned smaller dogs in the past while my husband grew up with bigger dogs as a child.

We purchased Pascal from a breeder of show line West German GSDs. We got him at 10 weeks old. Since he came into our home, he has been introduced to a plethora of children (we have 5 year old daughter) and dogs of all breeds. We entertain a lot and he have tried to socialize him to the different people coming in and out of the house. He lives with a 10 year old female Chihuahua who bosses him around.

Pascal is a loving dog and super gentle towards his family. I am the pack leader at home as my husband travels for business a lot and I am a stay at home mom. He is very attached to me and acts troubled when I leave the house (even when he is not home alone).

We crate trained him and up till recently, when we were not home or could not watch him 100%, we had him on a long 15-20ft tether that is affixed to our banisters. Because I haven't been able to trust him these last few weeks, we are using the crate more during the day and are crating him at night (caught him chewing my husband's razor and my purse--all while tethered to the banister while we were sleeping). he were able to trust him from 6 months till now.

Pascal is walked every morning for an hour and for an additional 45 minutes every afternoon. At night, he is at the dog park for an hour. we also have a fenced in back yard where he is free to go in and out, while we are home.

He is super playful and social with other dogs.

He was sent to a three week board and train program when he was 6 months old. We followed up with private training classes with the trainer at home and outside of the home. When I am not able to exercise him sufficiently or, when there is work done in our house, P spends the day at daycare where he plays energetically and comes home exhausted.

Since young puppyhood, we have noticed that P is very territorial. He barks at the front window, in the car (stays in the trunk of our suv) and in our front and back yards. Each time, we tell him not to bark and leash or e-collar correct him.

He can be the nicest dog at the dog park, the sweetest most well behaved dog on walks and in stores where he will let people approach and pet him (I make sure he is seated when approached) but, at home, he is a menace. Ih he knows you and likes you, he is the sweetest, gentlest dog.

He has not liked make visitors to the house (especially workmen and the handyman who comes). He seems better with male guests who are our friends. He is a big bully towards anyone walking by the gate of our house. He is becoming increasingly worse lately.

Yesterday, he bit the dog walker (whom he hadn't seen for the past two months)!

The dog walker rang the door bell. I told her through the door to wait for me to control P. I had his prong collar on with a leash in addition to his e-collar and had him seated. I opened the door, greeted the dog walker and P went for her arm. I corrected him with the leash and the e-collar. I made him sit and waited a few minutes before we tried it again. He did the same thing; I shielded the dog walker and got bit in the hip. He did not rip my clothes or break skin. We waited a few more minutes and I while P was seated, I told him to say "hi" to the dog walker. He tried to bite her again. While seated, he did not growl and seemed fine. She did not walk him yesterday. I did not trust P.

I don't know what's gotten into him?

Recently, it has been very cold in Chicago and P spent a lot of time at daycare as it was too cold for me to exercise him properly and drain his energy. We were also traveling after the Christmas holidays and we have been off our schedule. Could this be an attributing factor? Is it his age and his hormones raging? We don't have any intentions on breeding him and were waiting till he was at least 18 months to neuter him. Should we do it sooner? Is it me?

The trainer is coming today as is the dog walker. The trainer will watch to see his reaction, mine and to see my reaction in correcting him.

I am at total loss!

Chip18 01-16-2014 08:27 PM

P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } Wow, well you have a lot of crutches going on E collars and prong collars neither of which seem to help and both of which need to be used properly.

I was new to GSD's myself I grew up with, Bull Mastiff/Pitts Boxer/Pitts and Boxers, GSD was nothing like those guys. Rocky (7 month old rescue) GSD was the only dog I "never" trusted around people!

It was a very,very long time till I let anyone touch him on a walk! What I found after being able to read and understand him was pretty much what your seeing, He was fine out in public, in lines with other dogs on vaccination day (surrounded by A hole badly behaving dogs) and never give the vet techs any issues.

But at home was another story, suspicious of everyone outside of his pack and on his territory. I was still in the learning phase. But while I was getting my act together, the one thing I did not want him to do was to bite anyone! He was very suspicious of everyone outside of his pack and on his territory.

So I bought my first soft muzzle and used it on him in the home and with company, until I got my act together. Today he is a happy well adjusted GSD and the public and random doggies are safe (he's not a dog park dog) and he no longer needs the muzzle when people comes over. He goes to bed and stays there until and if I release him!

Pretty sure if he would have had a muzzle on him you would not have “tightened up” on the leash when company approached.

If the trainer your working with is the one that has you using prongs and E collars...I'd look for somebody new.

Hope this “wasn't" a lecture just trying to relate my experiences. :)

My next lesson was to be about "high Rank drive"...WTH???

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