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srseik13 01-16-2014 12:57 PM

How to prevent 6 mo from jumping up
I have a 6 month old female who is lovable and playful and very smart and able to catch on quickly to almost everything we've taught her. I think it helps that we also have a very well trained 2 year old male who we use as a disciplinarian and teacher for her. She follows his every move. The only issue we are having is getting her to stop jumping up on people, on the couch, on her big brother...pretty much everything. We've tried numerous ways (making her sit before she gets attention, a knee to the chest, saying "down" and then praising her when she does it without us having to push her,etc...) but nothing really seems to be sticking. I wouldn't be too worried about it because she is only 6 months old but we have a baby on the way (due at the end of January). I completely understand that she's just an excited puppy and she'll calm down so maybe we're just asking too much too soon but like I said, she follows Harley's lead with everything else BUT this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

OriginalWacky 01-16-2014 10:36 PM

I'd say keep making her sit for attention, but make it a HUGE deal. As in NEVER pay attention to her unless she has all four feet on the floor, and preferably in a sit. It was closer to 18 months before this really stuck with our Krissie, but now she sits in front of anybody she wants attention from, including random strangers. We also would turn our backs and completely ignore a jumping dog, which helped as well.

Galathiel 01-17-2014 09:42 AM

I think completely ignoring her until she calms might be worth a try. Even talking to her to tell her 'sit, sit, sit' is attention. Turn your back and completely ignore her. My pup (9 mos old now) is much better about controlling his excitability when meeting people out in public now. He hasn't jumped on anyone in the past month (a miracle).

Eiros 01-17-2014 11:22 AM

My pup is a jumper, so I feel your pain!

Stuff that is working for us:

When he's coming up to us, and I can see his excitement, I say "off" before he can even lift his paws off the ground. Just this "reminder" often stops him. ("off" is a necessary command I feel, so please tech your pup! This also has prevented counter surfing, curbs pawing for attention, and jumping onto furniture)

If he's coming toward me from the front or circling me excitedly, looking about to jump, I turn away from him, and he doesnt jump up.

I put him in a heel right away, and this focuses his energy into keeping the heel

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