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Sp00ks 01-12-2014 09:17 AM

Maybe a little progress....
Yesterday Dagr was probably the most energetic I have seen him, he was a land shark biting everything and we could not get him to stop.

We had two short outings including car rides. We met with the trainer for awhile and visited family for an hour. He was a perfect gentleman both times. He is always a gentleman when we are out.

At home, he was full of piss and vinegar, defiant and mouthing. So last night I started to teach that biting is bad and we stop playing when you bite. I was on the floor with him playing, he would bite, I got up, sat in the office chair and turned my back to him. I was amazed at his reaction, visibly upset. I repeated this three times using the term "No Biting". I would say, over the course of an hour, each time he lasted a little longer before he would start biting again.

I noted that still being on the floor with him and turning my back had no effect. I also tried standing with my back to him, no effect, but if I sat in my chair turning my back to him he sat behind me and either cried or barked but it wasn't a normal bark. It was more like he was trying to get my attention, almost mournful.

My wife and I discussed his behavior and came to the conclusion of, that worked now but tomorrow is a new day. Well today if I tell him "no biting" he immediately stops and sometimes redirects himself to a toy.

Last night was the first time he didn't make a peep in his create, coincidence? Not so much as a whimper. No fussing in the middle of the night until he woke me about 7am. He has been really good in the crate for his age but there is always just a little fussing.

It feels good to make a little progress even if it is short lived, but I'm still holding out hope... :)

Oh, side note: Friends over with a 6 year old little girl. Mom said, and she is not known for her observational skills..... That Dagr was very different playing with the little girl than he was playing with the grown ups. She said he was very easy with her and if he did bite, he didn't use hardly any pressure. Interesting.

Helios 01-12-2014 02:43 PM

What a good boy! any new pictures :wub:

Mac's Mom 01-12-2014 02:57 PM

Good job!

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