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LTParis 01-06-2014 01:09 PM

Biting at clothing.
So Nexus is 10 weeks old now. We are still in the middle of bathroom training as well, but I really need to quell his desire to bit at clothes. He's already ripped a number of pants and shirts, and I have a couple battle scars as well.

One of my concerns is giving him enough general activity. Right now between the cold and general weather he hasn't been able to play as much outside. Inside he will try to latch on to anything; shoes, furniture, clothing, etc. A little worse is the clothes that are on you.

I've tried general "break" commands, but to no avail. It's one thing when he is in the house and has a shoe. It's another when he is outside and is charging at one's pants. A couple times i was able to calm him for a few seconds by hold onto his collar directly and petting him in the back of the ear saying "settle". But this has been a 1:50 success.

I wish I could let him run around the house more, but he is just to "bitey" at things. I know this is just fun for him but I need to find some corrective action sooner than later.

MaggieRoseLee 01-06-2014 01:24 PM

I can't get puppies in the winter because of my lack of loving the cold. We've had these 0 degree temps and I'm SO GLAD my adult dogs don't need the same time/attention as a puppy!!!!!!

That said, you did get a puppy in the winter :) so need to figure out a way to manage all that energy. I know I'd have tug toys all over the house so I can grab/play with those. PLUS I'd be taking one outside with me so AFTER the poops/pees if my puppy wanted to 'rumble' there was a good alternative to my clothing...

Are you able to find a puppy class in your area to attend? Be a great help at least once a week to help engage mentally and physically to tire your pup out. Plus actually making playdates with other friends with good dogs, or just friends that like puppies so you can visit.

Things to work out in the home are ---> and --->

Have you heard about Crate Games? Great thing to work on in the house.

Crate Games

LTParis 01-06-2014 01:30 PM

Very interesting concepts on the crate games.

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