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LTParis 01-03-2014 09:33 PM

Potty training setback
So I am coming up on week #2 with out GSD and I think I hit a big setback with him. We are crate training him, and while he had accidents outside his crate, he didn't have any in his create till now. Three to be exact. I am thinking my kids might have thrown off his schedule and kept him awake much longer than typical.

I have read where once you have a setback like this in a crate that it could be ages to get back on track, if ever. I would love to hear some sage advice. I really hate crating him in the first place and I am hoping to have to do this for as brief amount of time as possible. But now that he is peeing in his crate I am very concerned.

middleofnowhere 01-03-2014 09:42 PM

You might consider a vet visit to check for a UTI. If negative, go back to a regular schedule with the pup at least so far as being sure he gets outside after eating, after drinking, after playing and before being crated.

I haven't had this exact thing happen but when my perfectly housetrained 10 to 12 week old suddenly started peeing in the house she had a UTI. UTI taken care of, pup back to no house soiling.

MaggieRoseLee 01-04-2014 10:51 AM

My puppies take weeks and weeks to housebreak reliably, so if you are only into week 2 I wouldn't worry.

BUT I would just make sure I have read thru ---> and am not skipping over any steps/stages in the training in the belief that MAY dog is so super intelligent we don't need to follow them :)

Your puppy is a baby with baby brain and baby bladder. So they really don't understand 'housebreaking' and really can't hold it long if their bladder is full.

I know with the 0 degree temps we are having in my area right now I'm SUPER GLAD I'm not housebreaking a puppy right now!!! Because I go out with them at least every hour or so for the first few MONTHS until they start 'getting it'. I need to have those tons of 'puppy parties' outside every time they do it right. I need to use closed doors and baby gates to keep them in the room with me so I can pay attention and catch them before they squat.

I also generally only crate at night or if I leave the house.

LTParis 01-07-2014 07:03 AM

I have been delaying taking him to the vet since he has an appointment on Friday, but his bathroom habits are waxing and waning. He was doing a bit better, only one accident in a 36 hour period. Then a couple accidents.

Last night he did very good, took him out at 6:30, 7, 11, and 2. All is good. This AM wake up at 6 and he peed again (quite a bit). Took him out, he had a BM but no peeing. Fed him and then crated him which I typically do for 15 minutes before I take him out, but he peed again.

Just very frustrating. On one hand I am wondering if this is just his defiance of not wanting to be crated. On the other concern he has a UTI. I am just not sure.

And it's not easy trying to get the time off to take him to the vet.

MichaelE 01-07-2014 10:39 AM

Dogs are not vindictive. He's not peeing in his crate to irritate you or to show displeasure at being crated.

He needs to see a Vet. The sooner you get him to the Vet the sooner his potty training will again be on track. If not, he will get into the habit of going where he pleases whether he can hold it or not.

That will be a real setback.

Bequavious 01-07-2014 11:40 AM

He's not having accidents on purpose and most pups crated from a young age love their crates anyway. I wouldn't worry about never bring able to get back on track either. We had countless setbacks with my girl (she was from a situation where she didn't care about being clean, and we tried to train her the same way as the lab who is almost clean to a fault lol), but we still got there.

Be patient and persistent. Try to learn from the accidents how to better predict him, and make sure going outside is the best thing he does all day (in other words- throw a big party with treats and praise). Supervise him constantly when out of his crate, and make sure his crate is just big enough to turn around in (we zip-tied a chicken wire barrier in ours to make her area smaller while she was little). If you suspect a UTI, definitely take him to the vet :)

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LTParis 01-09-2014 07:28 PM

Well now a couple times he has defecated in his crate too (3 times now). His behavior is coming in waves where he will have a good 12-36 hours and then go fill tilt otherwise.

Tomorrow he will get checked for a UTI along with his next round of shots. Just a bit frustrating his inconsistency.

OriginalWacky 01-10-2014 03:23 AM

Keep in mind he's just a baby, and babies have accidents. The more you can keep to a set schedule that is the same every day, the better luck you will have with getting the consistency. When he does his business outside, have a HUGE puppy party, complete with high pitched happy noises and dancing around like a complete fool to express how awesome you think it is that he pottied outside. It will help, even you feel like an idiot.

LTParis 01-16-2014 06:17 PM

Well he is free and clear of a UTI. He had roundworms which he is being treated for.

But his potty training is still so very erratic. In the past 72 hours he had 2 good days and today he had 6 accidents in his crate. 6. This is just getting out of control. I'm getting very frustrated at his progress.

Lilie 01-16-2014 06:47 PM

I suspect you are getting frazzled by his potty behavior. Your pup is picking up on your behavior and is becoming confused. It could also be worried about using the bathroom while you are around due to your behavior, therefore, waiting until you are gone (in it's crate).

Certainly not saying you are being a monster, but even a whiney voice from you (who at this point is God to the pup) can cause behavioral issues.

Please read the link that MRL set for you. It has some really good advice in it.

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