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jsca 12-08-2013 03:08 PM

Getting pup used to the car
I apologize because I'm sure this has been covered many times, but I'm on mobile and couldn't find anything in the search that way.

My pup (9 weeks) doesn't mind the car, what she does mind is that she can't be on my lap while we're in there. Even with someone in the passenger seat, she whines and struggles to get to me.

When my other GSD was a pup, I just put him on the floor of the passenger seat and with toys and he didn't mind and was too clumsy to climb up onto the seat. This little gal on the other hand has no problem jumping right up.

Crating her in the car is somewhat of an option, but would be a major pain to drag her crate down every time, and also I want her when she's older to be used to being out in the open in the car.

Suggestions, theories, methods? She's the first pup I've had this problem with so I'm not too sure the best way to go about it. Thanks in advance!

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Mary Beth 12-08-2013 05:08 PM

If you want to use the crate, you could get one just for the car and leave it there - preferably in the back seat. By the time she outgrows the crate she will hopefully also have outgrown or be to big to climb over onto your lap. I did crate my Sting when he was a pup and he had no problem adjusting to being in the car without a crate when he got older. The other alternative is to use a seatbelt harness - a harness that has a short leash that latches into the seatbelt opener so the pup can't climb into your lap.

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