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LisaKinVA 12-06-2013 04:58 AM puppy isn't afraid of water...
She just jumped in the POOL!

Harry and Lola 12-06-2013 06:42 AM

LOL, Harry was the same. One day when he was about 4 months old I took him to a bushland area where there is a nice stretch of water and you can swim and my Harry just jumped off a rock straight into the water. Down he went and I'm thinking 'omg is he going to surface', but up he came and started paddling. He swims in our pool during summer often and is a natural.

Jelpy 12-06-2013 06:53 AM

Unsolicited advice: If she's still a puppy, you might make certain she knows where the steps are....or that she can get out on her own.


Crocky 12-06-2013 07:01 AM

I worry about this as Silas LOVES water as well. Our pool is above ground pool although looks like it is in ground but with vinyl liner. We have huge wedding cake stairs so I don't worry about that but I do worry about him messing up the liner. We also have a Smaller doggie pool we kept out there for Kesler when she was living which she stayed in most of the time when we were outside in the pool area, but I have no doubt if her legs were good at the time we put the pool in she would have been in there with us too.
It will be hard to teach him his pool vs our pool. The good thing is the pool is In a Separate fenced in area and they only go in there when we are in there.
We also have a small indoor pond which if I take the gate down to that room he jumps right in.....the fish are terrified of him....LOL

Oh it will be a fun summer....LOL

Caitydid255 12-06-2013 07:23 AM

Our house has a pool. When DH and I first moved in we made it a point to toss (gently lower) both dogs into the pool and guide them to the stairs. We figure if they ever accidentally fall in, they at least know where the stairs are. We repeat this process each summer. I think it's adorable that your pup loves water. Freyja loves water to the point that she will sniff it out on every walk and splash around.

LisaKinVA 12-06-2013 11:06 AM

The pool was totally unintentional (she's never done anything like that). I was planning to take her in when the weather is warm (not when it's 50 degrees outside!). She was on her flexi leash and took off swimming. We will definitely be teaching the stairs! Makes me a bit happy, because it's going to be a fun summer with Kiina!

Harry and Lola 12-06-2013 04:49 PM


Originally Posted by Jelpy (Post 4622297)
Unsolicited advice: If she's still a puppy, you might make certain she knows where the steps are....or that she can get out on her own. Jelpy

Excellent advice, always teach where the stairs are, usually with the word 'stairs' or any other word you like.

Kat Tastic 12-06-2013 08:52 PM

I've put Bentley in the warm spa to swim around, but thought the pool would be too cold for him. We worry about him falling in, but so far he just leaves it alone. It IS the reason he gets put inside his crate when we aren't home and our other dog is inside. We are very scared they may fall in when we're not around.

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