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Basko's Mama 01-22-2013 11:37 PM

Stubborn Basko - HELP!!!
I have a 9 month old Male GSD by the name of Basko. Not that it matters but he was born on April 1st (April Fool's Day), sometimes his actions do make me wonder though. I am having some major issues with him not listening. He has chosen me as the Dominant in household yet is so stubborn. He is scared to death of my husband and pees when my husband talks to him. He does listen to my husband to an extent, but he has to be very stern and even then, Basko will "test" him. I do have a habit of "babying" him just a little because I lost my son and give all my love now to Basko. He is amazingly smart and loveable, but is so stubborn.

We recently added a cat to our house as well. Basko gets so caught up in the cat, that makes him not listen even more. He is a very big dog, pushing 100 pounds already and it is hard to get his attention. It's like he has ADD. He does not hurt the kitten at all, he just wants to play with it, but when doing so, he pays no attention to anyone. I've tried putting him in his kennel, but don't want to use that as discipline. I also hit my sofa with a flyswatter because my vet suggested a loud noise to distract him. Once, again this does not phase my Basko.

I am in need of any kind of advice and or techniques that will get his attention without making him mean or scared. I have considered obedience training, but would like to save the money and do something myself. :help:

sit,stay 01-23-2013 08:46 AM

I think you need to rethink your decision about doing the training yourself. It is incredibly helpful to have a second set of eyes when training, and an experienced, knowledgeable trainer gives us that. Save your sanity, spend the money on a trainer.

You'll learn how to proof your dog's response to commands such as "leave it", which will help redirect his attention from the cat and what he wants to do to you and what you want to do.

Good luck! Training can be addictive.

wolfstraum 01-23-2013 10:46 AM

would you try to rewire your house or replace your plumbing?? even if you would, those are fixed inanimate objects that you can follow directions ...

The pup needs training, he is not "stubborn" - he merely is following his need hands on experience to get control.....and seriously, some dogs just have so much prey they cannot help themselves...that is where training comes in, the dog learns to be obedient even when in drive.

I got a dog back that was too interested in the family cats -which were terrified of him....(among many other reasons!!!) My Bengal kitten thinks she is one of the dogs and marched up to him and nuzzled him...he never chased her...he was so happy and amazed that the cat was friendly...

At the very least, the dog should always have a long tab (leash with no handle to tangle in his feet) so you can get hold of him and say 'leave it' - of course, without training, the leave it command means nothing :whistle:


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