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Cstout 12-26-2012 10:16 PM

New house, new start?
Stark is 10 months old, and he has recently been having accidents in the house again. He was housebroken rather quickly and a month or two ago he had an overgrowth of bad bacteria in his stomach which caused some gastro issues. I think he had BM accidents due to that. Everything is all cleared up now. And I think he just kind of un-housebroke himself.... like he thinks its okay to do it in the house now. He always has accidents right in front of the door (only poop though), and always after he was just let out and usually he will have just peed and pooped... so I never expect an accident. Anyways, were moving soon, should be by the end of next month. And, Im hoping I can start over fresh in a new house. Obviously I will do what I can to stop accidents here as well. But, I figure a new place will be a different environment to him and mean something different to him. I cant help but think maybe I did something wrong when I trained him the first time... maybe I trusted him too early? But, any advice will be highly appreciated. My plan is to have him tethered to me AAT when out of his crate, and I will praise and treat when he pees and poops outside. I am going to get a bell too, thats something we didnt do the first time. But, how long do I keep him tethered to me before I trust him untetherd? A week? A month?
Thanks so much guys!

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