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You may actually want to use the crate more during the day to get him used to it. Feed in there, treat in there, etc. Some have had great success with this, too. Grim I got at 11 weeks, but he'd never been in a kennel. He flew to me across the country. He LOVED his kennel from day one. I've never had to get up at night with him, but he's older, too. We keep it in an unused bedroom so he can sleep without being disturbed. No room in our bedroom. I close the door so he can really have peace and quiet. My parrots are LOUD. The only time he sleeps is in there, though. Or rests. This morning I wanted to play with him after he went out and pottied, but he thought differently, and went to his kennel! Guess he's still tired, LOL! He goes in his kennel different times of the day when my birds are out, or if I have to shower or whatever. So he's used to it. If you only use it at night, I think it may take longer to get used to it. Telling him to be quiet won't do you any good. It's all gibberish to him.

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You can also try and put an old t-shirt that you have worn in the crate with him. The t-shirt with your smell may comfort him.
Before I first brought my pup home I had brought a baby blanket with me and rubbed his mother and littermates scent all over it, it did seem to help the first couple of days.

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Our Jakey is 9 months old now and I remember feeling much like you did 7 months ago when we brought him home. It may not seem like it right now, but it does get better J I don’t have children, but I imagine the first few weeks with a puppy is very much like having a baby. Only difference is, you’re not off work when you get a puppy J Jake sleeps with us upstairs now and sleeps through the night! Some mornings we even have to wake him up!

For the first few nights, my husband slept with Jake in the basement. I see you already keep his crate in your bedroom. We were very lucky that the breeder already started to crate train the puppies and we didn’t have problems with Jake. He would whine and cry for no more than 5 or 10 minutes and then settle down. We would do the pee breaks every 2 hours and he’d settle down after those no problem. As someone suggested, you may want to try calming him down to get him to sleep and then see if you can sneak into bed without disturbing him. As someone else suggested, my husband put one of his t-shirts in Jake’s cage so his scent was always there. After a couple weeks we moved Jake’s cage down onto the main level and he slept in there at night without any issues.

I know it’s hard, but try not letting him out of his cage when he’s whining and crying. Wait until he’s being quiet. This way he’ll learn the whining and crying doesn’t get him what he wants.

I wouldn’t worry about waking him during the day. When they are that age they are supposed to sleep 18 – 20 hours a day. They tire easily and needs LOTS of sleep.
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@Jag - So when I got home from taking my father-in-law to the doc today, Midnight was lying calmly in his crate. I took your advice and put him back in this afternoon for his nap (and mine) and left the crate halfway uncovered so he could see me. It took him about 10 minutes, but being able to see me on my bed seemed to help and I got to sleep for an hour! He was quiet, but sitting up in his crate when I let him out. Maybe tonight won't be as hard.
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So maybe I'm being overly optimistic, but we've had 2 good nights in a row!!! I feel so much better. However, Midnight doesn't understand that my Autistic son isn't trying to play when he dances out of the way of the nips Midnight tries to inflict on his feet... So Midnight barks at him and Michael gets all freaked out... We're working on the barking... Midnight also barks at anything with a long handle, broom, pooper scooper, rakes... What's up with that?

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I agree about moving the crate to your bedroom. He's lonely! He just lost his mom and littermates.

I had the crate right beside my bed for the first two weeks. I slowly started to move it away from the bad afterwards.

Also, don't take him out until he's quiet. Doing so will only teach him that if he has a fit, he gets what he wants. Wait until he's quiet.

He'll get it, don't worry!
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My girl at 9 weeks when I got her was pretty bad. The first 3 nights I had her next to the bed with just a gate to stop her from leaving the room, she didn't like that very much but eventually went to sleep, waking for potty breaks. After the first 3 nights I got her a crate which is in the kitchen. The first night she cried for 30 minutes, slept for 2 hours, repeat. By 3am she wouldn't sleep and I got up and let her into the bedroom.

After that I got a app for one of my old phones "Sleep and Relax" and I play a combination of rain noises and a stopwatch ticking which has really calmed her down. She has been fine with that for the last week and a half, only waking once per night for a potty break and going straight back to sleep afterwards, as long as a stand in front of the crate for about 2 or 3 minutes. I keep the crate covered with a blanket.

The only problem I have with her now in the morning, is she wakes as soon as the sun comes up, which happens to be about 15 minutes before my alarm goes off and cannot be settled. I think it is just because there is a lot of light leaking into the crate in the morning and she is ready to eat. I have bought a canvas cover for the crate which will hopefully have her sleeping a little longer in the morning.

Long story short, she took about 5-6 nights to settle into my routine and sleep through the night.
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stick it out. he'll settle down. don't put anything on the crate,
don't lean anything on the crate, etc.
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Yep stick it out. My dog stopped crying and we pretty much "tamed" her. They learn that making a fuss and howling won't get them anywhere. She still cries every now and then but not like she used to. It's funny that she didn't cry all that much when we first got her, she was just very quiet and calm. Then I think as she got to bond with us, every time she was left alone she started feeling the separation anxiety. She will however, try to escape if the top of the wire crate isn't covered with something.
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Well, after the first 4 nights, he finally settled down! Now he's sleeping really well. He still gets upset when I put him in there during the day, though. Unfortunately, he's a Pirhana and I don't trust my furniture, curtains, blankets, walls, baseboards...you get the picture...would be safe.

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