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Unhappy Puppy greeting.. HELP!

Rylee is 14 weeks old now and just recently overcoming his fearful phase. Problem is he now gets way too excited to see other people or dogs. He literally goes to jump on everybody and every dog he sees. Its definitely playfulness and curiosity, not agression, but both the people and dogs get annoyed with him quickly. Most people who come in the house get tired of him very fast after they get over the cuteness factor. You can also visibly see the dogs get agitated with him. I dont just let him do it, I correct him and make him sit until he calms down or even lie down on his side but it doesnt last long. After I release him he goes right back to it, he isn't quite making the connection. Note: He displays a lot more calm behaviors when inside the house with me, I can just look at him and he'll lie down. What should I be doing about this? I don't want to have to have him in the cage whenever someone comes over because he's going to aggravate them or keep him from other dogs because he's going to get them all riled up. Plz help!

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That face could never aggravate me Are you in obedience classes yet? Working on focus and leave it commands will go a long way with him. Mine still occasionally jumps to greet people, but she has gotten a lot better..we are still working on it

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Holy crap he's cute. He can jump all over me. Lol. But yah work on marker or clicker training for the appropriate behavior.

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He is super cute!!!! I have the same issue w/mines and she's turning 14 weeks this Saturday. She like jumping on my girls (2,7) and chasing them and jumping up to grab them or snatching at their faces. I always monitor them when they play and of course correct her before/when she does it. She's gotten a little bit better and knows "leave it" command before I see her about to jump. She doesn't always listen only when I'm really close to catch her. She's getting too fast for me I would also like to know how others are handling this. She also gets over excited around strangers and pees. I would love to start obedient classes and socializing her but she hasn't had all her shots yet.

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Boy he's cute!! Puppies jump on people. It takes time to teach them not to. Tell your friends and family to have patience to give him time to learn. Puppy classes are great for learning some things like this. This may sound nuts, but Grim never jumped on anyone until last week. I blame Layla. He saw her do it to me several times and now he's starting to jump up on me a little. However, I have a bad back, so I never corrected the jumping on me. On others, however, I shorten up the leash and correct with 'off' if she's jumped on someone already.. but I try to be prepared and catch her before she jumps. With my previous shepherds (who were way smarter) I actually taught the reverse. Bear with me here. When they started to jump up on me, I'd pat my chest (where they'd end up in a few months) and tell them "up". It gave the behavior a name, and let them greet me face to face. I THEN started teaching "off" if they were on me and I wanted them down. Again, when people would come up to them I'd shorten the leash and either give "off" or "no" if they were thinking about it. Once you have a command for the behavior they're already doing, I've found it easier to teach the reverse.

Believe it or not, it stopped the jumping issue, and I never had to 'knee' my dogs for jumping and it stopped fairly quickly. Another thing is when people come in and puppy is excited and wants to greet, get down to the pup's level. Then there's no reason for the pup to jump. Especially when the pup is getting out of a fearful reaction to people, you want to make sure it's all positive. You can really get into the 'no way' thing in another week or so... but enjoy the fact that the fear is over. I'd rather have a pup that's itching to meet than be fearful. As for other dogs...dogs NOT in your pack you need to correct the behavior before it happens. Don't give the pup enough line. Older dogs may see this as too much and snap at your pup. In your pack... well that depends on your dogs. Layla doesn't care... she and Grim play ROUGH! Grim doesn't dare jump on our old lady, though. He did it once accidently (he missed Layla and landed on Jade) and Jade gave him a pass, but a dirty look. Grim looked at her (I swear he was saying "sorry! Accident!) and then moved on.

Another thing I would do is have your visitors and you armed with very small treats to give when puppy isn't jumping. Also, have a toy that is special (filled Kong, bully stick) ready when people come over. He can lay with that on the floor while you visit, and it should keep him busy. (Hopefully) I wouldn't crate at this point, because that's not teaching him anything and you want to foster his confidence around others. It will come, but it will take time. I'm very happy for you that your puppy is no longer fearful!!

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Wow your guests get pissed off so easily.. I think they need some training!
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I agree with Julie.


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I had the same problem. Even worse though, my pup would get so excited he would make chomping sounds and then tried to lick people in the face and it freaked people out!
He still jumps a little (depending on the person), but huge improvement. I should mention he is a year old now.
We taught him that he gets NO attention until he is laying down. I know it's hard to get an excited puppy to focus, but do not pet your dog, push him off of you, etc. until he is laying down. (If you push your dog off of you, or touching him at all, you are giving him attention and it teaches your dog it is a game so it makes him more excited). Turn your back and keep your distance. Don't get angry or flustered or excited. Only use "no" and "down" until your dog lays on his own. As soon as he is laying give him lots of attention but ignore him again if he tries to jump up again. This worked wonders for me. He still gets a little overly excited when new people come over, but when my boyfriend or I walk in the door he instantly rolls over onto his back and waits for belly rubs!

Another command that helped a lot was "on your bed". It was an easy command to teach and now when he hears it he goes to lay on his bed and cannot get up until I release him. It doesn't stop him from getting excited when he is released from his command, but it keeps him from jumping on people as they are trying to walk in the door.

This is also a command that everybody has to be in on. Anybody (family, friends, neighbors - ANYBODY) who walks through your door needs to help with this training. If one person turns their back, and another lets the dog jump on them, and another gets scared, and another laughs and pets the dog...your puppy will get very confused! If every person that walks through the door ignores your pup until he stops jumping, he will learn very fast that laying down will get him what he wants!

Oh, and also distractions are great! My pup is obsessed with his ball. If he is too excited to see someone I throw his ball in the other direction and play fetch for a few minutes. This calms him down a lot and lets company get inside without too much commotion. On top of that, he is still excited to see people, but not nearly as excited to greet them in the house as he is if they are walking through the door. So now when he sees people in the house he forgets that they just arrived and is much calmer! Its good to always have a treat or toy (or something that your puppy loves) on hand as a distraction, or as a reward for good behavior!

Like I said, we still struggle with this a little. You have to be very consistent with this. He will get it my suggestion is to master this before he gets too big (it was much easier, and cuter, when a 20 lb puppy was jumping on me as opposed to an 80 lb puppy)!!
Good luck!!!

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Lol Laney, Link does it too, I call it the alligator chomp.
I haven't had trouble with him nipping at people (for some that seems to coincide with the jumping up), but Link loves to jump up and greet people, I just yell down and he gets down, I try to yell it right before he jumps to remind him -- which works to stop him, and he's shown significant improvement with time, it certainly wasn't over night. I believe certain things take time and this is one of them. It can be frustrating but patience and consistency pays off.
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I'm having the jumping issue too. But it's kind of hard to correct because all those that stop to pet and greet her tell me it's fine with them. lol. But I know this needs to be corrected now before she reaches her 80 lbs, so today was her first day at obedience school and she did ok but the training really comes down to me and I'm a bit soft spoken so I feel awkward telling strangers "yes you can pet her but only if she behaves, give me a second and let me have her sit" I'm sure by then they'll be over her lol and who would've thought I would be so worn out after HER training session lol
Puppy greeting.. HELP!-imageuploadedbypg-free1351975839.261655.jpg

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