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Huge Problem Housetraining/Aggression 11 mo old

Hi everyone,

I haven't posted since Sasha was a small puppy. We have had our ups and downs. She had accidents in the house for months. She got to the point, maybe around 5 months old, that she would bark at the door to go out. But she would also sneak off to certain rooms of the house to pee and poop sometimes. About three months ago I went back to super strict crate training and that seemed to work- almost no accidents/sneaking off to go for a month, so I just had all the rooms upstairs professionally steam cleaned last week- she had gone on them so many times- and withing four days she has peed four times and pooped once up there. I am devastated. I have six kids and I just do not know how to do this with her anymore.

Another problem is that I saw her snarl/snap at my one year old the other day as she was walking past. This has me very worried. Also, when my older sons are wrestling or something, she has gotten involved, almost being violent. She seems to be snapping at the smaller one, ie the one who's being pinned or whatever they happen to be doing.

What else...she has food issues with growling and snapping if the kids are too close when she eats.

Between the ruined carpets and the behavior issues, I feel I am on my last legs here. No, I never had any professional training or anything like that with her. She is scheduled to be spayed this Monday. I don't know if that will help anything.

Please understand that I care for this dog and the last thing I ever would have imagined is that I'd think of giving her away, but I do not have a lot of time or resources.
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I don't mean to sound harsh, but it sounds like she hasn't had much obed training, sounds like she's basically doing whatever she pleases and running rampant with the kids.

It kinda doesn't surprise me that she gets involved when the kids are wrestling, she's treating the kids like littermates vs human beings because she probably doesn't really know any better..

I highly recommend you get a behaviorist /or some professional help in dealing with her issues. I realize probably having 6 kids is time consuming, but having a young dog is just like having a 7th kid..

Good luck hope you get some pro help

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na, its not training, its the dog. the excitement of the younger ones wrestleing may be causeing some excitement or a pack oriented behavior. as for the food issues, i have the same issue with tyson, my solution, be responsible. feed her somewhere that the kids cant mess with the kibble such as a crate, kennel, or an isolated area.

either that or teach your kids the art of hand feeding, that may put things into place. make the kids work the dog for her food such as doing obedience excersises. i have my two year old hand feeding my 10 week old czech bitch, its halarious to watch but hey, it may save some issues later on down the road.


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I would certainly second the need for some individual 1 on 1 training from a pro - either behaviorist or good experienced obed trainer.
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sounds like you have your hands full.

And.. pup is not getting the monitoring and training she needs to be the dog you want.

Housebreaking.. you need to take her out often (don't expect her to tell you she needs to go) and someone needs to go out with her and praise her for doing her business in the yard. Reward her for good behavior!

Never scold for behavior you didn't see (won't do a bit of good to scold her for pee or poop you didn't witness - she won't remember and will just be confused by correction).

She need to be supervised when she's not in her crate.

She needs regular exercise - not just letting her out in the yard, but more controlled exercise like a good long game of fetch.

Try for a couple of 15 minute sessions daily just learning the basis like sit, down, stay, come etc... older kids can help with this and will love seeing her perform for a treat.

As far entering into a scuffle, she's probably just acting like one of the pack. Puppies play roughly with each other and snapping and snarling is all part of their game.

Once she has other training, she'll be much better and outgrow that puppy behavior... in time.

Try to set her up for success. Just like your two legged little ones, she'll love doing things to please you.

Puppies are a lot of work but each few minutes in positive training will pay off in years of devotion.

Good luck.


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When you catch her pottying in the house, or after you find the evidence, what do you do? A lot of people tend to get very angry and frustrated, and yell at the dog, or rub his nose in the feces. This doesn't teach the dog anything about housebreaking or not going in the house, it just teaches the dog that mom gets extremely pissed off when they see puppy pottying at all. So the result is that puppy will now sneak off to another area of the house, where mom can't see, to potty. You don't want your pup to learn that the ACT of pottying makes you angry, you want her to learn that pottying outside is the right thing to do, and makes mom really really happy.

If you find a mess in the house, the only thing you can do is hide your frustration and clean it up. Even if you're not outwardly angry, your pup can still pick up on it and become stressed.

The best thing to do is to go back to the basics. Pretend like your pup is 8 weeks old, just came home from the breeder, and has housebreaking training whatsoever. And while steam cleaning your carpets help, you should invest in a good enzymatic cleaner - they're especially formulated to get the urine smell completely out. They should carry them at your local pet supply store. Until that smell is gone, your pup will always be drawn to that specific area to potty.
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When we got Ace he was 5 months old. He had been allowed to got pee and poo in the house for 3 months. It was something that I was going to correct h*ll or high water. All I can say is slow down and go back to the basics. Keep all doors in the house closed when no one is in them. You need to keep her in eye sight. When you can't see her you need to go find her. Sometimes leashing her too may be best. When she goes in the house you have to let go of the anger. It is really hard to face that facts but facts are facts and your the one that failed here, not her. If she pees, soak it up with paper towels and take them outside to her potty spot and lay it down, when she smells it, she gets lots a good praise from you. Treat her if she likes treats or play ball with her if that is what she enjoys. When she poops in the house do the same thing. Take it outside and lay it down, when she sniffs it, treat her as if she is the best dog in the entire world. We house broke Ace in 9 days. This can be corrected.

Food problems, I agree, have the kids feed her out of their hands. Make this the only way she eats. From their hands. She needs to respect them. Watch some episodes of Dog Whisperer. So much information is out there.


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Has she had her urine checked for a UTI? There is a pee-poop connection with UTIs.

Lots of positives, and time needs to be spent with her.

Keep the kids FAR away when she eats. I don't know of anyone, or any animal that likes someone getting in their face when they eat. No one had better get near me if I only get fed two times a day and have no control over when or what!

Take her away when the kids start to wrestle. She's joining in or...get this...HERDing as a ShepHERD take her out and play ball with her.

Good luck!

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ok..sure, go get your dog trained to sit, down, and stay...that will fix everything. a behaviorist is going to tell you that you have a dog with dominant issues and is confused in their pack structure. you have 6 kids right? get them all together and show them how to treat the dog and establish a pack structure. if there isnt 100% consistency, dont waste your time and money.

as for the house training issues. get her checked by the vet to be sure there isnt a health issue. assumeing that there isnt, crate her. crate her when your not home, when you get home, let her out to do her business. if she doesnt do her business, she goes back into her crate. do not let her free roam the house, when there is not an activity going on that she could be involved in, crate her. yes it sounds cruel and inhumane but this is not a game, its your house and your ruined carpet. one thing i CANT STAND is an animal pooing and peeing in my house which is why i focus very hard on house training and dont own small dogs...dont feed or water at night. are you free feeding? if so, quit. feed her once in the morning in her crate and once in the afternoon in her crate. offer her water after her last meal and thats it, if she is healthy, she will not die from dehydration over night. this is just my $.02


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i started having a few issues with when my pup was about 6 months old after he had been house trained and obed trained with a professional. i started feeding him in different rooms of house, especially the ones where he would go and use the bathroom. the theory was that he won't poop or pee where he eats. so far it has worked and we haven't had any more issues with the using the bathroom in the house. good luck.
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