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stmcfred 12-16-2013 10:37 AM

My attempt at doing at tracking with Lola
I tried to some tracking training with Lola today after reading on I think I did it correctly.

Lola did really well (I think). I used cut up hotdog and made my steps touch and did a couple corners. It was about a 100 steps total to the scent circle. I let her watch me as I did it. She wasn't too interested in the food on the way there, but after she found the circle she followed the trail back and then ate the food.

Thoughts? Good/Bad? Anything I should do differently?

How do you make videos come up instead of the link??

Liz&Anna 12-23-2013 01:43 PM

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Fantastic!!!! She did great!! I've been doing tracking for a few weeks now, along with article searches and retrieves, it's so much fun!! I originally went to a police k9 trainer in VA (irondogk9 if you'd like to check them out) for our first session and I know the way the police train is a little different then what they do in SCH. But either way your girl stayed on the track ad kept her nose down which is what you want, she went very far a pup, most trainers start with a scent pad and not actually a track like that (from what I've read) so you should be very happy Attachment 153042this is my girl on her first track

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