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so this title thing is a little more complicated - Sue Coutts sent me a correction on titles for Trust
"Trust was the 18th dog in Canada to earn a Tracking Championship title (in 2011).
This means she earned all 4 CKC tracking titles – TD, TDX, UTD, UTDX

There are presently only 24 dogs (all breeds) since the inception of urban tracking titles in Canada (6 years ago) to have earned their TCH status in Canada.
(will likely be a couple added this fall but they are very difficult to earn)

This Tracking Champion title officially appears at the beginning of their names (indicating they have earned all 4 tracking titles)
TCh Carmspack Trust RN CD (her full official title with CKC) herding, etc. not official ckc titles

Blast is now Carmspack Blast TD TDX UTD (WHEN he earns his utdx, he will become TCh Carmspack Blast)

Kavik is presently Carmspack Kavik CD TD TDX UTD

I saw you inquired, with no response, about the white shepherds earning Canadian urban tracking titles.
I know of one in S.Ont. that has a UTD and another in New Brunswick that has a UTD, I think trying shortly for UTDX.
I believe those two are related, no idea where from and no idea if they are related to this ladys’ dogs in the U.S."
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Originally Posted by carmspack View Post
who are those dogs?
The first was Braehead's Bailey v Eis Haus followed by her son, Brock of Eis Haus. The third was Braehead's Briar Rose v Eis Haus.
I don't know how up to date the info for them is but they can be found here:
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eis haus looks to have an excellent little breeding program - congrats to them.
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I've not been on this list for some time, but interested to see the enthusiasm for the sport of tracking, whether in the U.S. or Canada.
I am the proud owner of three Carmspack dogs, that Carmen has mentioned, and am also a CKC Tracking Rep. for Northern Ontario, Canada.
There were a couple of posts made that I would like to make corrections to, no offense to anyone; but I think it's important that rules are stated correctly regarding earning titles.
In Canada, we have four levels of tracking tests/titles; TD, TDX, UTD, UTDX. When a dog earns a title in all of the four levels, the dog becomes a Canadian Tracking Champion, and the registered name is prefixed with TCh.
Urban Tracking Dog (UTD)
300 to 400 METRES
1 TO 2 hours aged
2 articles, one dropped on non-veg. surface: first articel may be plastic, wood or cloth, final article is leather. Articles approx. 4" x 6".
2/3 track on vegetated surface, 1/3 on non-veg. surface, such as: gravel, dirt, sand, mulch, brick, concrete or asphalt
3-5 turns, left and right, one turn on non-veg. surface
No "obstacles" are permitted
Urban Tracking Dog Excellent (UTDX)
600 to 750 METRES
3 to 5 hrs. aged
3 articles, at least one is left on non-veg. surface: may be plastic, wood, cloth or metal with final article being leather. Articles approx. 4" x 6"
1/3 to 1/2 of track on non-veg. surface (surfaces as in UTD) and the rest of track on veg.
5 to 7 turns and at least one turn on non-veg. surface
Obstacles are permitted, but no closed building

Urban tracking location examples would be office parks, industrial parks, campuses, schools, recreation parks; with short/cut grass. Rural locations are not acceptable for Urban tests.
I have condensed the information, but think (hope) it is clear enough for everyone to understand.

After some recent fall tests, I believe the total Tracking Champion dogs titled in Canada is in the high 20's now.
We often see, and welcome, some U.S. tracking folk in Urban Tests, striving to earn the CKC TCh designation. It is a very special and hard-earned title to obtain.
Many visitors to our urban tests have stated the UTDX is more difficult to pass than the U.S. VST. Others think they are similar. I personally think, the locations and weather are what makes the top level of either test "more difficult" and that you cannot compare at the highest level. I've been in, or attended tests, where a track, after 3 hr. aging ended up going through a soccer practice, a walk-a-thon, or in 3 hr. of pouring rain/wind washing away scent on hard surface. Since tracking, whether AKC or CKC is not a competition, but a pass or fail, I hope we all just enjoy the sport and enjoy our journey of training with our dogs. What could be better?!!
"Our" Urban Tracking tests have only been "in operation" for about seven years, by the way. Previously, TDX was the final destination. I imagine we'll hit 30 Tracking Champions before the fall test season is over.
I hope this has helped clarify CKC titles for those interested.
susan coutts
Birch-Bark Hill
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Hi Sue , nice to see you here. What can we do to get Mike take Blast's brother Badger to trial the Urban Track ?

since you have so much personal experience and owning and helping others , and observations at trials with pass and fails , what qualities would you say are important for a successful dog in tracking . In your opinion would a shy-nervous dog do well?
(I have my answer based on my experiences in observation)
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Carmen, the TD is a pre-requisite to begin with. After a dog earns a TD, he can go on to TDX or UTD. A UTD must be earned before entering a UTDX test. But you can choose the order....TD to TDX then UTD to UTDX, or some earn TD, then UTD, and choose either TDX or UTDX next. Just very different - field and urban.
If Mike, or for anyone that is interested, I suggest getting the CKC Tracking Test Rules and Regulations booklet. Members can also look online. I just think the small booklet is nice to carry. But note!!!! There will be a new rulebook effective Jan.1, 2013. Everyone involved in CKC tracking will need to read and update. You MUST know the rules.
I also suggest watching a test is a good learning experience, and always people there to answer questions. Tracklaying at a test is excellent also - judges are very helpful with new, interested people.
What do I look for in a good tracking dog? Difficult to answer, as I've worked with all types. This is a sport and not a life saving job. It is also considered a team sport, you and your dog. I would have to say the bond you have, and build, through tracking is most important. Trusting your dog is a must. A dog that is focused, and determined, strong of body and mind. A solid temperament is important to handle the mental difficulties of advanced tracks. However, I've always said that ANY dog can track. Some just do better than others; perhaps they have an intrinsic ability to track. Not every dog passing a TD makes it further. Is that the dog or the human? The human on the other end of the line plays an important part in how the dog learns and works. Reward in important and often neglected. The handler must understand scent and conditions. You must know when and how to 'help' your dog in training, but not step in too soon. The dog is the one with the nose and needs to be sure of himself.
Regarding your question about a shy or timid dog tracking. Probably most people would think not. However, I look at two rescued dogs I've had in the past. One, a german shepherd who was mistreated, scared of everything. When I began "to try" tracking with her, she became confident in herself, and our bonding grew. When I realized how good she had become - it had only been to develop her self-esteem - I went through the process to get her PEN and enter her in a TD test. She passed the first try. So we continued. She was a 'changed' dog. She earned her TDX the first try! This was before urban tests came into play. She was the first PEN dog in Canada of any breed to earn a TDX title. Later, I had a rescued sheltie sent to us when she was a senior. At 13 1/2 I began her tracking. She was a little reluctant to "leave me" and work out ahead. After we solved that problem, she also obtained her Performance Event No. and earned a TD just 2 months before she turned 15. She was slow but sure.
Having said this, I do believe the requirements for a good tracking dog for a job, ie SAR or police dogs would be 'different', ie starting out with a very confident, mentally stable, etc. dog would be desired...solid of both body and mind.
Hope this helps, and I didn't ramble on for too long.
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AKC has been at this for some time. The UTD or TDU or whatever it is, is just a TD length VST type track. It had not been popular with a lot of judges but I think it is a great idea. Hope it happens.


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Lucky, Wolf, Max
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