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A key point is that it is very hard to start with a puppy. If you raise a single puppy, you get very attached to it and you think it is the greatest thing ever. You will think your dog is amazing and because you already have breeding in mind you will want to breed her. This is the absolutely wrong way to start, unless you get a puppy from a show line breeder that meant to hold her back, and will probably end up co-owning her with you. You show her, you test her, and if she is as good as you think, and you can prove it, then you move on to breeding. Many breeders spend tens of thousands on their foundation bitch, and only then do they start producing worth while puppies.

My suggestion is get involved in a club, in showing, in trialing, and it doesn't have to be Schutzhund. Plenty of dogs are bred in the United States/Canada without Schutzhund titles, and you can be a very good breeder without it. Really go out and get to know dogs and lines before you figure out what you want to breed, that way you will understand the time/money commitment it would take to run a good breeding operation. I would like to try my hand at breeding, it will have to be when I'm retired, or close to it. Right now I'm 23 and I know there is no way I can have my full time job and breed/show/trial with any success.
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I got my first GSD when I was about your age. Ten years later I have yet to breed a litter!!

My first GSD was too soft and sharp - so no breeding for her. I did do herding and agility with her and learned a lot. Djenga was my 2nd - but she ended up with bad hips. Nice temperament but very "sporty." I trained her in Schh and learned even more. Then came Madina, we got her at about 2.5 years old. I was told when we bought her that she had a lot of training and was almost ready for Schh1. WRONG - she barely knew how to sit. I did train her a lot but eventually it became evident that she was too soft to be a breeding (or schutzhund) dog.

Then I got Kessy, who turned out to be everything I'd hoped for and more. Awesome temperament, super strong working dog...unfortunately I was never able to get her bred. I've probably poured $10k+ into her training. I learned so much with her but the money and time is all down the toilet and it is heartbreaking...not just the money aspect, breeding has been my dream for so long, and to have a dog like her but not be able to breed has been hard.

Now I have miss Kira who I hope will work out. I will train and title her. I have a partnership with her breeder so I am not on my own with her.

I'm sure I could have done things differently if I wanted to breed "faster"...I could have sold/adopted out all the washouts, purchased titled dogs, bred dogs without titles, etc...but I always wanted to raise, train, title, and breed my dogs, I enjoy the whole process. So I've been patient and have taken my time, and have learned so much more in the process than if I would have taken shortcuts. But it is not easy...I was pretty much ready to give up after Kessy, but now Kira has come along and my willpower has been renewed

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I'm 20 right now and I couldn't imagine being at a place right now to be a dog breeder. Id love to do that in the far future... no earlier then 35 id say. I think its awesome you KNOW you want to breed but I dont think there is any rush to do it ASAP. Learn more about the breed talk to different breeders, go to club meetings, go to shows, go to obedience trials and classes. Im sure you must be in school, or are working, both of those take up time and money. Breeding costs money too! You have to get a well bred dog, get them titled and show that they are actually worth breeding all that i'm sure must cost a few thousand dollars. You'll need a good paying job for all the vetting the bitch and pups would need. Do you still live at home? What were to happen if your girl had about 13 puppies and you either A) didn't get homes for them right away or a few came back because people changed their mind... are your parents/you going to be up for the challenge on tacking back a few puppies? Again, i'm not trying to sound rude or anything, I think its great you know you want too! I just dont think its something that you should get into too early or too fast. Good luck but really think about this before you jump into something

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I'm not a breeder, however I know what I would look for in a breeder and that is most definitely not someone who's 20 and in their parents house with some knowledge on the breed. It's nothing against you or anyone personally... but that is just far too young to have that knowledge and experience... and also the funds. (unless your family was big in it already... then possibly.. I would still be a little weary)

I am in no way looking to discourage you, in fact I love when people learn what they really want to do and go for it. Though, I can't stress it enough... take your time. Learn, get involved, talk with people all the time..... start gaining your knowledge now! That's NEVER a bad thing.

At 17... that's still young. Get an education (probably something within the animal world... like vet tech), save money, let yourself go through a little bit more of life, ENJOY being young! Also, eventually you will need to buy a good house with room and plenty of outdoor space.... and either really good neighbors, or none at all!

As a respectable breeder, you will need to title and train your dogs, be on time with their vet care and handle ALL of their needs (which every owner should do anyways), you will need the room and financial ability to take back any puppies/dogs that may not work out in their first home. Everything is expensive when it comes to breeding. Vet care, food bills, shows & training, traveling, puppy care and medical bills.... and you always have to be prepared for the worst possibly situations. You could lose a litter, or your bitch. There is no money in breeding (you lose more at first then you make.. and sometimes this continues). Most breeders I know have full time careers and breed for the love of the breed as a passion in life.

When it comes down to it there are a few things that HAVE to be there before you can take on such a large step: Knowledge, ability, money, space/home, time, and of course the passion that drives the whole train.

Sounds like you are onto a good start, just take your time and if it's what you really want to do... you'll get there eventually! No rush!

Good luck with all the learning and hopefully some day you'll have the breeding program you've dreamed of!!

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GUYS ... GUYS!!!

Read the title of the OP.

He is looking for a girl friend.
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Originally Posted by Kaz View Post
GUYS ... GUYS!!!

Read the title of the OP.

He is looking for a girl friend.
Excuse me? Everyone here as offered genuine advice to someone who actually wants to be educated and informed...not sure what the point of such a comment is.
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Originally Posted by Kaz View Post
GUYS ... GUYS!!!

Read the title of the OP.

He is looking for a girl friend.
Kaz, you must be on a roll tonight. Give it a rest.
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I found it funny (though I knew the OP was female). Maybe everyone else should lighten up. It was just a joke- on an internet forum no less. Calm down people...

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You're 17 . . . so are you able to go to shows and events? What you could most certainly do is read some books and watch some videos.

What I would do and what I am doing right now is focusing on myself. I am focusing on having fun and getting an education so I can get a good job. Once I get a good job, a good house, and everything, that's when I am ready to look into breeding or owning another dog.

You're only 17 so you have to understand is once you start breeding, you start breeding. You must be ready to pour lots and lots of money into your breeding program for it to be the best it can be. You must not only buy breeding stock, but kennels, a whelping room, whelping materials, vet fees and more.

I highly suggest you look at breeding books such as "Breeding Dogs for Dummies" and more. That way when you are ready t breed, just pick up the book and start reading.

I'm not focused on breeding at the moment, I am focused on my education. Once I get my life in order, if then I want to breed, that's when I'll look into it.

Take your time, there is no rush. The breed will always be there.
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Breeding is more than whelping a litter. You need to know pedigrees and how to match them and provide lifelong support to the pups you bring into the world.
So much responsibility if you are doing it correctly.
I cringe when I see so many breeders mish mashing the lines and then placing the pups with disregard. I have two dogs that are from the above sentence, and they aren't what I consider to be great representatives of the breed.

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