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llombardo 06-18-2014 08:21 PM

Emergency Evacuation Plan?
We are getting some pretty bad storms so I have lots of time to think without a tv:o I'm playing different scenarios in my head that would call for me getting out of the house and how I would get my animals out too. Right now I'm thinking tornadoes, lightning strike, and fire in general. With a tornado I would have a short amount of time to gather animals and squeeze everyone into the downstairs bathroom. A fire would be more difficult. I have trained the dogs to go to the back door if the smoke alarms go off and I could just open the door to get them out and gather them up after I get the cats. The cats are more difficult. I could probably grab some of them and open a window with the hopes they would escape, but I don't think I could grab all of them:( I have cat carriers that are easy to access, but that doesn't help if I can't catch them. Anyone else have an escape plan or any ideas to come up with a decent one?

HarleyTheGSD 06-18-2014 08:30 PM

I don't know if I have a plan exactly, but...
In case of a tornado, I have cages for all the animals in the basement.

angierose 06-18-2014 08:40 PM

We have crates in the basement along with emergency food, water, leashes, and first aid stuff. The cat is confined upstairs, where there is an additional crate for him. If I'm home, the dogs wear their collars during tornado watches (they don't wear them at home usually) and I'm very aware of storms. We would have a good amount of warning in case of floods, and our house is actually on a high enough hill that it has never been underwater, even in the flood of '93.

That's a good idea, to train them to go to the door when the fire alarm goes off.

Bob_McBob 06-18-2014 08:44 PM

I guess I'm lucky in that I don't live on a flood plain, and the bad weather up here is more the kind that keeps you in your home rather than forcing an evacuation.

sparra 06-18-2014 08:57 PM

It must be hard living in areas where tornados are common.
Scary unpredictable and destructive.

misslesleedavis1 06-18-2014 09:07 PM

I voted no. I do have a basement with crates incase of a tornado. Other then that i am SOL

angierose 06-18-2014 09:16 PM

Tornadoes are scary, but the conditions they occur in are fairly well understood. We have sirens and great local weather coverage. Now, one over a certain size will destroy your house no matter what materials you build with, but direct hits are not common. The hail, rain, and winds that go along with tornado-causing storms can still do a lot of damage though, so we go to the basement rather than potentially be in the living room when the neighbor's tree falls through the roof.

dogfaeries 06-18-2014 09:59 PM

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No evacuations here, unless there is a fire, then everyone would jump in the minivan, and take off.

Tornados. That's our big issue in Oklahoma. Dogs wear their collars during tornado weather and everyone will go in the new tornado shelter if we have a warning. That's the plan.

Mikelia 06-18-2014 10:10 PM

I think of it often but don't exactly have a plan. I have enough crates for everyone with easy access. Containers/pillowcases for the snakes. I even have a cup for my betta fish. Leashes and muzzles are easy access at all times. I keep an extra supply of water and try to keep a bag of kibble for the dogs (I feed raw). But that is about it.
My biggest fear is getting everyone out if there was a fire. I just don't think I could - the dogs I would go through fire to find but the cats would hide and that probably wouldn't leave time to get the snakes.

gsdsar 06-18-2014 10:39 PM

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Practice. Pretend there is an alarm and see how long it takes you. The cats are tough, they scatter. Dogs are easier. I like the training a behavior when the fire alarm goes off.

In regards to emergency supplies, always have a weeks worth of food for each animal ready in a water tight container. I would also invest in some water purification tablets. Water is heavy, so the less you have to carry the better.

Make sure that you have easy access to all your animals vaccination and microchip information. A small water proof safe is easy to grab and take with you. In it you should also keep a copy of your records, mortgage, insurance, car titles, stuff like that. Have current pictures if all of your animals, including signifying marks and coloring.

If you have relatives that live far away, send them a copy of the same stuff so that they have it if you can't get to your safe.

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