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Originally Posted by selzer View Post
Sometimes I think they try to save critters more for their glory than for the critter's best interest.
Exactly. There was one episode where they brought in two Rottweilers; the male was very aggressive and attacked the ACO. The ACO insisted that the dog not be put down, but go out with a rescue for "rehabilitation".

So, This guy went out to visit this Rott at the rescue, and the dog attacked him again. Again he insisted the dog go a trainer/behaviorist for rehab.

I'm screaming at the television at this point. PUT THE DOG DOWN. There are so many nice, friendly, happy, well-adjusted dogs out there that need homes. Resources are limited; why on Earth would you spend them on a dangerous dog that cannot be adopted out, while perfectly wonderful dogs are languishing on death row?
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I used to watch it,but haven't in a while.
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Originally Posted by Freestep View Post
There are so many nice, friendly, happy, well-adjusted dogs out there that need homes. Resources are limited; why on Earth would you spend them on a dangerous dog that cannot be adopted out, while perfectly wonderful dogs are languishing on death row?

This is true,but alot of times dogs can show their true personality if they are just given a chance. The issue is that dogs who have these issues take up space that friendly dogs with no issues need. I didn't see this episode of AC that you are talking about,but it sounds like this dog may have needed to be put down if he couldnt' be helped. I have seen a lot of dogs who just needed the right person to help them. It's just the matter of the right person coming along.
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I can't watch the show as I become extremely irritated and then rant to poor DH. I get so disgusted with the attitude of the officers on the show. I know they see horrible things all day, but that doesn't excuse them for being a **** to most people, even those that the call turns out to be wrong and all the animals are safe. You wouldn't accept the same attitude from a police officer.

I also hate how everything becomes so overly dramatic for the show. Cat stuck in an abandoned house? Let's opine about the situation and act as if we are vying for an Oscar as we set traps outside the house. I know that the situation is bad and everyone agrees that animals shouldn't be abandoned like that, but if they get so overly emotional with every rescue they probably chose the wrong career path, as emotion clouds judgment. I feel that this emotion is for the camera and to drive home the point about how horrible the situation is for the viewer as it would be "boring" to see the people actually doing their jobs without the added drama.

I also get very angry with the veterinarians on the show. I know that they want to save every animal, but I can't count the amount of times that they proceed with various treatments on an animal that clearly should be euthanized when it first arrives only to do so later. Sometimes it's more cruel to let the animal survive longer rather than putting it down. I saw one episode in which they were trying to save a cat that had been burned. The poor thing was almost totally burned with no fur and blistered skin, was in respiratory distress and screamed in pain. They did several flashbacks to the cat and the various procedures that they tried, only to have the episode conclude with the fact that the cat had to be euthanized due to its injuries. Then later in the episode, mention how they are in need of funds. Sometimes you can't save everyone and it is more cruel to try to be the hero rather than releasing the animal from its pain.

I love animals and would do almost anything for them. But this show gets me so angry that I have to turn it off. I know there are horrible things out there but this just strikes me as gratuitous.

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I love watching, I have watched every episode up until they stopped taping in 2010 or early 2011? When they started to cancel the different Animal Cops shows. I wish they would put them back on the air, I know they kept one but I only saw one episode and haven't been able to catch it sense. It seems Animal Planet puts a lot of weird shows on in the regular time slots of Pit Boss, Animal Cops, etc. now. Each time I turn it on at night that is all I can seem to find. I love watching the slime balls getting caught and put in jail more so. I also love watching the happy endings and knowing there are people out there that are truly helping animals. I wish Florida would hire more animal cops that only deal with animal cruelty cases to cover the rest of Florida.

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Just watching the promos for the show makes me upset. There has been times that I stop to watch parts of the episodes cause I was channel surfing and immediately regret it because I start tearing. Especially when I see how emaciated some of the animals are. I get angry too but I'll admit before I get to that stage I'm sniffling and crying. Than my boyfriend would rush to where I am and ask what is wrong and I'll point to the TV and he just rolls his eyes.

Yea, I don't have the stomach for it. I know stuff like that goes on but it doesn't help when I am just sitting there watching the show and feeling helpless (which is what they want you to feel). I know it drives awareness (and TV also hypes up certain situations) of various animal issues to the general public but still hard to see when I am just channeling surfing.

I think I would be immediately angry and prone to take action if I stumbled across a situation like that in person.
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Although I was angry with how they handled the Rottweilers, and how they handled that cat -- that was the one that really made me so angry, I was yelling at the screen, "put the poor thing down!", I do actually prefer the show than so much else that is on.

I hated Pit Boss. I saw an episode of pit bulls and parolees and that was enough. Anything with an alligator or crocodile in it just doesn't do anything positive at all for me. They are ugly and I don't like them. They like to eat dog. I don't understand why anyone would want to relocate one. And playing around near them, is just plain stupid. And whale wars -- I don't even like the idea presented in the commercials for that. I guess a critter has to be warm and cuddly to get my sympathy. Even though it is anthropomorphizing and total fairy tales, I kind of liked meercat manner, and anything about big cats. But the dude teaching bears not to be afraid of humans, that guy should have been thrown in jail. Maybe he would be alive today.

I think that a channel claiming to be the animal planet, should be more responsible with their programming. Showing people swimming with gators, or living with bears, is not very responsible.

Groom all about it was nauseating, but also kind of funny.

I am glad I did not ever watch the one they did about breeders/show dogs. Seeing a preview of that nearly made me toss my cookies.

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I admire the officers for what they do but i could never do what they do. I'd either be crying all the time or, if I had a gun, I'd be shooting the ***holes who did this to the animals. I have to turn away a lot. The condition of the poor things really upsets me. I love the ending though if and when they find a better life.
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When I was pregnant I would watch about 8 hours a day of it lol. They always have marathons. I would watch all day and when my husband came home I would tell him all the things they did!
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Originally Posted by selzer View Post
I do actually prefer the show than so much else that is on.
Agreed. I miss an older show about a vet's office; it had real animals with real procedures, and it showed everything. I bet it's too 'bloody' for TV now, but I learned so much as a kid watching that show.

Turtle Man or whatever is just... ugh. All the hype, all the crap about 'finding bigfoot' or a show that barely addresses animals like Pit Boss; that belongs on TLC, not Animal Planet.
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