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Still feeling guilty....

A couple weeks ago I did something so out of the ordinary and just still feel bad about it. I left Robyn outside all night because I counted wrong when I let the dogs in for the night. I still can't believe I forgot her what's even sadder is I had a window open that a couple of the dogs don't ever go in and they were both looking out the window. I even took a picture because I thought oh how cute they look. I asked them what do you see out there, they were probably thinking our sister you dummy. When I was going to sleep I remember thinking it was odd she wasn't by me, but thought maybe she found a comfy spot. The next morning I woke up and did notice my alarm click wasn't around and I looked everywhere. I actually panicked. Then I opened the blinds to the patio and there she was laying down in front of the door looking at me like well it's about time. She never barked or made a single noise all night. It's pitch black out there so I can't imagine what she thought. To make matters worse when I found her outside I still didn't let her in because I broke down crying. All I kept thinking was how bad of an owner I was and then I freaked put because what if something happened out there and the police had to come in the yard and she ended up dead? That is how terrified I am of that happening. Finally I went out there with her and I just hugged her. She slept all day, I'm thinking she didn't sleep at all but stood guard in front of the door just watching. Well that isn't happening again, I count the dogs a couple times whenever I let them in because I never want to feel that way again....I feel a little better now that I wrote about it, I was so embarrassed that I haven't told anyone. It was a beautiful dry night and I'm sure it didn't traumatized her but it did a number on me.

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That'll teach her to linger in the garden when you are bringing the dogs in.

Don't worry about it. Dogs like it outside. She may have been quite comfortable.

I do the opposite. I have to shut the x-pen to the doggy door so that I can get everyone done in the morning, and then I have to open that pen so the dog can go outside and pee if he needs to. I have forgotten to reopen his pen and have come back hours later to find him sitting there cross-legged waiting to pee.


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I once did something similar with a kid....long story, but it ended and learn! Must be something about northern Illinois!
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Awwww! I can totally empathize with what you are feeling. I used to wake up when Cyclone or Gunther had to go out at 5 am, let them out and leave the big door open and go lay down on the couch to wait for them to bark or scratch the door. Once I fell asleep and wound up letting them in 5 hours later. SAME feelings, just a little less.

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Aw. Hey everyone makes mistakes once in a while. You have quite the pack to keep up with! Yeah it may have been out of the ordinary for her, but like selzer said..she may have actually enjoyed it a bit BC it was different. You never know. The fact that she never barked or whined means it couldn't have been TOO bad!!

Don't beat yourself up, we all have 'blonde' moments sometimes...

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Don't worry. My dogs outside all night. He loves it. Sometimes I catch him playing the most weird games by him self. His not a sleeper and so bored inside when by himself. Like yours doesn't bark or isn't bothered by the dark.
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I have forgotten both of my dogs now.

I left Sinister outside for an hour, while it was raining.

Last Sunday morning, my Irish man was over and we were sleeping and I was so exhausted, Draven woke me up at 3am because he wanted to go out, then he woke me up at 5am because he wanted to be fed and then he woke me up again at 6am because he was bored and wanted to be up, so I put him outside and went back to bed. I woke up to the sound of him howling at 9am!

I don't like to leave my dogs outside alone in my neighborhood because it's not a safe place so both times I felt TERRIBLE.


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Awwww think of it as a reminder to double check the head count. Alls well that ends well.

I have had a problem of misplacing our little Aussie. She has a habit of following me around, always being the inquisitive little one. I will go into a room that we keep closed up to get something, closing the door behind me as I leave the room. She is very quiet and smallish so I've not noticed her slip in with me a time or two and I closed the door as she was still 'investigating' the room.

Then a couple hours later I will notice that I've not seen her for awhile. The first time this happened I panicked thinking I had left her outside. I run out the door hollering for her, I'm sure the neighbors think I'm nuts. It's a heart racing, hand shaking, OMG panic because she has a good recall and did not come running.

Eventually I figured out what happened. She will just wait patiently and silently by the door until I find her.

Now I make sure to check if she's in a room first before closing the door.

I love her curious nature but boy I do have to keep an eye on that one.
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I left my dog out a couple of days ago, in the heat (90+) and with no water (at least no water that I put out there for him, there may have been water in a bowl that was left out there), I felt so horrible I cried and hugged on him for an hour. Thankfully there was shade back there and at least he is white. My son's dad gave me a 'look' when I got home and he asked me if I had left him out or not. Then the very next day he did the same thing, I had to leave my son's play practice to go check on him, thankfully (?) he also didnt' close the back door tightly and so Zeph was able to go in and out, but so did the flies and my AC. I was livid LOL
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I did that one time too when I had 3 german shepherds. I let them out to go potty and was so tired after working a 12 hour day I let them in and went to sleep. I jerked awake about 2 hours later trying to figure out what was wrong. I started counting heads and realized Dizan wasn't in the house. I went racing to the back door and jerked it open and there he sat on the porch looking at me and panting like mad so he must have had a good time. LOL
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