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VTGirlT 06-19-2014 10:23 PM

A reactive moment today with Zelda.. So i have decided..MOVED TO STORIES FROM GEN INF
I have decided to get that free box out from the closet.
Put that free box by the side of the road.
Put Zelda in the free box.

Everyone think this is a good idea? :D

Well anyways. She did have a reactive moment today. She has been so GREAT. People can make eye contact, talk to me while they are yards away outside of the house on walks and she is fine. But today this lady approached and Zelda had great body posture, and even looked away from the lady. And the lady was telling me how her dog would be barking right now. I told her that Zelda would be normally barking from the distance she is at-she must like you (trust you more than some) and than the lady reached her hand out and Zelda started doing her crazy barking that means she is scared and went into a defensive posture.
I feel bad, totally my fault. Should have said to the lady yes and if you keep that distance while we talk that would be great!
I guess maybe i put my guard off a bit because i was having high hopes of where i want Zelda to be at, not where she actually is at. :( We clearly went way over her threshold for that.

We ARE taking a Reactive Rover class and its going good. I want to take it again, i think it would benefit us to take it again.

Thats where me and Miss Zelda are at. The free box is rather tempting.. lol

glowingtoadfly 06-19-2014 10:26 PM

I want to get Grim in a class like that.

Romany 06-20-2014 12:10 AM

Let me know when She is out there in the Free box:D
She is So cute with those furry ears!
It just takes Time and Patients to teach and train.

Sunflowers 06-20-2014 03:44 AM

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It isn't Zelda's fault that the lady did a stupid thing.

Keep doing what you are doing. Kudos for all the work you are doing with her!

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