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Ellimaybel 05-23-2014 04:00 AM

Gunther's bite update
For those who remember Gunther being bitten by my smaller dog, I have the official update.

After 1 week of coconut oil treatment his scab fell off and the wound was completely healed. Today the fur is almost all grown back, there is no sign of a scar.

After less than 1 week of keeping the dogs separated Cyclone and Gunther spend every minute together with me being more observant and properly corrective. Instead of telling Cyclone "no" when he snaps I am more aware of Gunther's obnoxious puppy behavior. I've seen him ram his teeth into Cyclone's head, walk up and rip a toy or stick out of Cyclone's mouth, and constantly charge him and shove him when Cyclone is trying to obey me and come inside. Without professional help (critics of the world who offered no other advice) I can now keep the peace between my boys and even charge myself at Gunther and get him to back off of Cyclone without Cyclone being scared and still obeying my recalls into the house. Cyclone's behavior has grown more confident and obedient and Gunther is slowly but surely learning appropriate behavior when I'm giving commands to Cyclone. Most of this is still with re-direction but it's working for me right now and I'm confident that we are in progress.

Mary Beth 05-23-2014 08:55 PM

Congratulations! Very smart of you to observe and realize the problem was not with the adult dog. Happy Gunther has healed up and is learning manners on how to get along.

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