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SummerGSDLover 05-20-2014 11:50 PM

Yogi's Thread
9 Attachment(s)
I love seeing the progressive threads of everyone's GSD's so I thought I would make one too! :)

Attachment 211305
Six weeks

Attachment 211313
Nine weeks

Attachment 211321
4 months

Attachment 211337
4.5 months

Attachment 211329
Five months

Attachment 211345
Six months

Attachment 211353
Seven months

Attachment 211361
7.5 months

Attachment 211377
Today @ 8.5 months


SummerGSDLover 05-21-2014 05:54 PM

Do you think his face will lighten up?


Mary Beth 05-21-2014 09:34 PM

:wub: Cute puppy to handsome GSD. Yogi's face may lighten up a bit but he looks just great the way he is now.

SummerGSDLover 05-21-2014 10:06 PM

I love his dark face. :D



Thewretched 05-21-2014 10:27 PM

What's the weight and wither? Beautiful dog.

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SummerGSDLover 05-22-2014 05:05 AM


Originally Posted by Thewretched (Post 5550673)
What's the weight and wither? Beautiful dog.

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He's 28" at the withers and weighed 76.4 lbs yesterday.


Thewretched 05-22-2014 07:53 AM

Too cute, truly

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Kayos and Havoc 05-22-2014 08:28 AM

What a big guy!

Daisy&Lucky's Mom 05-22-2014 08:58 AM

Very handsome boy!

SummerGSDLover 05-23-2014 02:41 PM

He's got such an awesome personality too! Best dog ever. :)


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