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misslesleedavis1 05-09-2014 10:48 PM

First time for everything!
I had my first encounter with someone who blasted me about GSD's being dangerous dogs today!! i was all prepared to defend my dogs! but she was the walmart cashier and i had way to much stuff and the line was long lol but as she was telling me about the dangerous sheps turning on me she brought up 2 stories that according to her were recent, 1), a woman approached a GSD got down to say hello and it bit her face, and 2) a woman who was a bit AR by the sounds of it went to free a GSD that was put in a garage to guard it and when she whipped up the door the dog went at her pretty hard and damaged her. So, i gave her my best ???? face and told her that a guard dog in a garage that was put there to guard the garage job is to not let anyone in the garage.....i dont know what happened with the face bite but im pretty sure grown people know better. So, i told her that i could not speak for everyones dog but so far so good. Then she says, my boyfriend wants one but i dont know how i feel about that and i told her to research them, meet a few and make sure you dont get pushed into a responsibility you are not ready for. I think im getting old :( i left that line with my roll back laundry basket thinking "when did i become my mother" haha.:p

Tratkins 05-10-2014 01:48 AM

Glad you stood up for the breed! I took my 5 month old with me today to the car wash and everyone was petting him and a worker walked over and took his glasses off. He said "see this scar on my nose? It's from a german shepherd that bit me." I just said I was sorry to hear that. He then went on to pet my puppy and tell me what a sweetie he was. Whew! I was nervous there for a second that he was going to tell me to leave.

wyoung2153 05-10-2014 10:26 AM

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I have yet to meet these people that bash GSDs.. at least to my face. It irks me when I read these stories (not you OP the people) I mean I get you have your opinions but if "we" wanted to know we'd ask.

I have had someone tell me how dumb Titan was, when he was younger and chasing his tail obsessively. THAT set me off.. stupidly too the bait and argued with the girl, and luckily had a good friend of mine jump into the argument too.. anyways.. I digress. Ignorant people frustrate me. I stand by the fact that ignorance is only bliss to the ignorant..

JoeyG 05-10-2014 04:31 PM

I once had my brother's girlfriend say upon meeting my dog .... oh you have a "Nazi dog" .... I mean really!!! What the ---- ???? Ignorant people are everywhere. She eventually apologized for the comment

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