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Amurphy26 05-07-2014 05:58 PM

Breagha and the seals!
We live in a beautiful area where morning walks are along empty white sandy beaches......empty except for the seals! We've been here nearly a year and this morning was the day Breagha decided she would introduce herself to the seals! I still get shaky thinking about it because they could easily have killed her. She's a chaser of all land mammals and birds but so far has watched but ignored the seals. Today she went off with our other dog chasing sea gulls but the tide was out and she spotted the seals on the rocks and bolted after them. They all jumped into the water and she went in after them! It's an empty beach so I just met the dogs go, she should never have been that from me but I completely forgot about the seals. I've heard stories of dogs being killed by seals in the water so I went crazy. I don't know where the sound came from but with her in the sea with seals I screamed and bolted in to the water. I don't think I've ever ran so fast. When I got close enough she came when I called but I was so scared. Her life flashed before my eyes, very scary.

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