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DellaWrangler 04-22-2014 12:01 PM

My little huntress
The pup only barks, when she's alerting to something. (It's kind of funny to hear this deep, big bark, coming out of this little, furry body.) Whenever she does alert, I always go to check on whatever's going on, so she knows that a) she's doing something that I approve of; and b) that I have her back and will confront/chase away whatever it is she's sensing.

The neighbor's fence line is about 100 feet from our house. Twice now (most recently last night), she'll start alerting in the middle of the night and when I go to investigate, there are deer out back by the fence! Blows my mind how she senses them from all that way.

We also ran into a big buck on one of our hikes. We stared at each other for a bit, then she started barking and chased it off. Didn't know GSDs had a reputation as hunting dogs, but might have to change her name to Diana and pick up a hunting license at the rate things are going :wild: Venison sausage, anyone?

Mary Beth 04-22-2014 09:37 PM

Yes , your Della is a mighty huntress! But the pheasant license might be better. She can flush them out for you to shoot and then she can retrieve them. Once on walking Sting, a man stopped to admire him and told me he had a gsd once who he would take pheasant hunting. When he would go out on the field with his gsd, the other hunters with their labs and retrievers would laugh and say "what is that dog doing here", but his gsd proved to be the best hunting dog and the hunters soon stopped laughing when they saw how good the dog was.

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