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NancyJ 04-20-2014 07:50 PM

Nice behavior Beau with other dog
A teammate and I are working on directional controls and after training she and I decided to clip Beau (2.75 year old intact male GSD) and Tilly (1 year old intact female GSD) off lead and go for a walk in her pasture/stream land.

Beau never played with other puppies and has not spent a lot of time with strange dogs growing up other than ignoring them at training. His main exposures were adult team dogs of known character. Both dogs were just fine and took turns chasing each other around the field and into the stream. Neither dog "played" by jumping or playbowing or anything like that but they seemed to enjoy each other's presence and were interacting in the creek. (splashing at each other). No nipping either though they were very close. It sure wore him out!

We got back and I went in the house for a minute while Beau and Tilly were on the front porch just chilling by now (Beau was busy emptying her toy box) and before we know it, soaking wet Beau runs into the house.

He had never used a lever door knob but he figured it out. The person outside with them said he just batted at the door lever and popped the door open in a flash. Buzz the neutered male lab mix was inside (we did not have all three out as we already knew that bringing a strange dog into a multiple dog situation with one of them being another male could present problems) but we just snagged them up and no hackles or any issues. There was also a cat on the porch. No problems with that either. Buzz is a SAR dog washout but is making a therapy dog that my teammate's partner takes to facilities, etc.

I've been working with Beau on coming to two blasts and a whistle and used it today. He complied perfectly out in the field despite the distraction of great fun with another dog. Obviously rewards were given.

Was really glad to see this. A few weeks ago Duke (another team dog) and Beau (both intact) had a bit of a standoff. No fighting but a lot of posturing which we broke up by moving away from them and calling them.

So it was a good day and another reminder to me that dogs don't need puppy play once they leave the litter to learn how to be decent dogs around other dogs........

David Winners 04-20-2014 09:24 PM

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What a good dog!

Thanks for sharing Nancy. I think a link to this should go in the early socialization thread too. It's definitely applicable.

David Winners

Mary Beth 04-20-2014 09:27 PM

Congratulations Beau! You behaved perfectly!

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