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KHLOE 04-03-2014 03:52 PM

Never had trouble with the dog park until..
So I have read many peoples storied about how they refuse to do the Dog parks and never had any trouble until last night. I take my Dog to the dog park because for the time being I live in a small apartment. This couple come in with their Lab Mix dog and my GSD is 3 months old their dog is fully grown. Right off the bat their dog attacks my baby!! The couple apologizes and says "Sorry she is aggressive..." COULDNT TELL!

What really gets me is they bring their dinner!!! They brought a full meal to eat at the picnic tables... So of course my dog stops playing to go sit and watch them eat which is not the point of going to the dog park she needs to be playing so she sleeps at night and then they ask for me to get my dog away from them so their aggressive dog doesn't attack her again...... :mad: DUH PEOPLE!

just had to vent. Why bring your aggressive dog to the dog park any ways? I wouldn't even take that chance. How sad if someone would have gotten hurt!

selzer 04-03-2014 04:36 PM

I wouldn't take the chance with a 12 week old puppy.

At twelve weeks a puppy is liable to get injured running and playing with large dogs. A pup this age's immune system is immature and the vaccinations are neither complete nor do they cover everything that is running rampant where populations of dogs congregate. And, pup's this age are in a critical learning stage, where the learning tends to be permanent -- good socialization experiences are very good because the dog can draw on these experiences when he confronts other new or similar things. However, bad socialization experiences are very bad, because a dog can actually draw on this experience when he sees other large dogs.

In life there are few absolutes. One is that we cannot control all the other people around us. We can only control our own self. Which is to say, that there are jerks, and we cannot be certain that they will not bring their puppy-eating-crazy-lab mix to the dog park, so they can have a romantic dinner outside. Instead, we have to do what we can to protect our critters. In this case, I would say take your puppy out of the dog park at least until all the vaccinations are complete -- he will be a little older than, and the highly-effective socialization period ends about the that time, 16 weeks give or take.

NancyJ 04-03-2014 04:41 PM

I am a bit confused. After your puppy is attacked why would you let it anywhere near their dog?

Yes, I would not step foot into a dog park...we lived in houses with out fences from 1985 until we got our first fence in 2003 and always managed to find a way to take our dogs places for exercise without any kind of dog park.

K9POPPY 04-03-2014 05:15 PM

You will get endless comments on dog parks from those who post here. I commented that I did not agree with dog parks ( especially with a young puppy) and I was told that I am not letting dogs be dogs- SEEMS THIS IS A REALLY HOT TOPIC- I am not going to debate the positives or negatives any further. We had a dog killed at a dog park years ago because an owner of an aggressive ,much larger dog failed to mention that the dog had attacked other dogs in the past. So unless you have lived through this, I would never take MY young puppy to a dog park. IMHO, Bob:(:(:(:mad::mad::(

Harry and Lola 04-03-2014 05:25 PM

I agree if their lab is aggressive and/or not good with puppies then they need to control and manage the lab and either not take into the dog park if there is a puppy there or tell you first so that you can keep your puppy away and they do the same.

To me it is more important to ensure your puppy at this very young age has only good experiences, unfortunately one bad experience may affect a puppy for life. It is also really important, even at this young age, to not rely on a dog park for exercise and socialisation, if there are no appropriate dogs there or one comes in like the one you experienced, I would leave and just do a short walk, either in a park or on a street, allowing puppy to smell all the different smells, see all the different sights etc. Sometimes when you engage their brain and nose as well as their legs - this can be very satisfying for them.

Lucy Dog 04-03-2014 06:35 PM

Is your puppy even fully vaccinated?

boomer11 04-03-2014 06:47 PM

Lol you read a bunch of stories on here about never going to the dog park then you go anyways and then you complain. Classic!

Sunflowers 04-03-2014 06:51 PM

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It's always the same: never a problem until there's a problem.

Msmaria 04-03-2014 06:55 PM

This is why im glad my dog park has "monitors" and no tables to sit down at. Our park does not allow dogs under 4 months old either and the monitors go around checking under dogs legs to make sure they are neutered or sometimes they get on the members nerves but were glad they are there. . Im sorry but your dog park does not sound like a good one. If you choose to still go I would leave when this couple comes. Just wondering why you were still there after the dog attacked your dog, Im sure it was a good reason meaning you were on your way out but just curious. :D

i hope your lil guy was okay

llombardo 04-03-2014 07:33 PM

My golden was about four months when he was attacked by a full grown Rott. It was scary and not one person helped. I never and will never go back. Thinking back people used to bring food and eat all the time. Another dangerous situation was a mom that brought her baby in a stroller. Now one might think that is fine, but their family dog growled and snapped at every dog that came near the stroller. Of course all the dogs were interested in the baby, it was very unsafe for the dogs and more importantly that baby. I got out if there pretty quick, I did not want to witness something awful happen.

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