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AnaleighK12k14 03-28-2014 09:14 PM

What is your favorite silly or funny thing your dog does or had done?
Kona - 2 years old (almost)
This year we had some unusual back to back ice and snow storms here in Atlanta. Kona saw her first ever snow. She went bonkers. After the second snow, we figured out that if we threw snowballs at her she would jump up a catch them and then eat them. Of course she then looked around like "where did it go?" I swear she even tried to make a snowball herself. It was a trip.

Kooper - 11 weeks.
I know there are many silly moments ahead in the puppy journey, but the funniest thing so far was probably the day he discovered the door stopper. It's one of those springy ones. Anyway he started batting it with his paw and barking and growling. His little puppy growl sounds like a Gremlin. Funny as it was, after taking a quick video I sprayed it with the anti chewing spray so he wouldn't hurt himself or tear it off the wall. Got a good laugh out of it.

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