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Castlemaid 03-01-2014 11:31 PM

Tell us about the dogs in your signature.
Lots of names in signatures! All special and beloved pets or working dogs. Some are fixtures on the board and are familiar, others are only names on the bottom of a post, some are sadly long gone. :(

Some people don't even have a signature, so in that case, tell us about the dog or dogs you would have listed if you felt like it or ever figured out how to get a sig. Some people seem to have a whole pack underfoot all the time.

So I'll start with mine:

Keeta: adopted from the shelter. Only my second dog ever. My previous dog was also a shelter adoptee, some kind of spaniel/retriever mix, best dog ever! Passed on at 15 years of age, and after several months of grieving him, I felt ready to bring home another one.

The shelter named her Keeta: I liked the name and kept it. She was about a year old, picked up as a stray. People friendly, dog neutral, cat friendly - just what I was looking for.

Turned out she was probably a tied dog, had no training, no socialization, and had a mind of her own. As easy as my first dog had been, Keeta was a polar opposite. I tried to make her listen and control her by sheer force of will, and all we did was clash - whatever force of will I had, Keeat could match it! I gave up and went to classes with her (prior to Keeta, I thought classes were for loosers!) Boy, was I wrong about that! I LOVED training, learned a bag-full of stuff, and best of all, Keeta blossomed and changed, and we became a team.

She is nine - going on ten I'm guessing, and has slowed down a bit (just a bit). She is still a challenge, but she was the one who got me hooked on training and SchH, and I will forever be grateful to her for our journey of discovery.

Gryffon is five years old. this is actually his birthday! I never thought in a million years that one day I would be buying a dog ( I'm an adopt from the shelter kind of gal ). I also always thought that I would always be a one-dog-at-a-time type of person.
Well, Schutzhund changed all that. (Warning: IPO/Schutzund WILL scramble your brain cells and rearrange them in an un-recognizable pattern!).
Had to have a 'proper' Schutzhund dog! One that would chill in the house, be good with the cats, friendly with strangers, safe with little kids. Easy-going enough that he won't be bothered by Keeta's bullying, but confident enough that he won't be bothered by Keeta's bullying, and kick-butt amazing on the field. Oh, and sable too, if at all possible.

Amazingly, Gryffon is all that. I don't have much to say about him, because he just melds and fits into my life seamlessly, like flowing water. He is a joy and a pleasure, a natural at my side, always trying to please. He is best buddies with the cats, a confident but non-threatening side-kick to Keeta, and my best friend and AMAZING partner, both on the field and off. I never have to worry about where he is, or what he is doing, because he is always by my side, always trying to anticipate my next wish.

So what about you?

Nigel 03-02-2014 12:37 AM

Tuke is the dog in my avatar. She's our kid dog, she loves them and enjoys following them outdoors. She doesn't interact with them as much as she just hangs out and watches them play. She's likes cuddling up with her people and of our three, the only one who enjoys sleeping in our bed, if only for an hour or so. She also dreams a lot which includes lots of "running" and kicking.

I trained her through OB, rally, and we dabbled in agility, she did alright, but you could tell she didn't really enjoy it and would much rather play fetch or go for a hike. While in class, she would grab my pant leg as we passed the exit and try to coerce me to leave. I wouldn't call her golden trapped in a GSD body, but she does kind of lean in that direction. She and her sister will be 4 this summer, can't believe how time flys.

Wild Wolf 03-02-2014 12:43 AM

Hunter is my heart dog. I wanted a take-everywhere companion who I could do everything with, an IPO and sport dog, and a dog who could fit into my active lifestyle. I got one of the most stable dogs I have ever known, a dog that can do most of the sports I try, the best and most loyal friend I have ever had, and an unofficial service dog who takes care of me and assists me when I have debilitating migraines. He is everything to me, I couldn't ask for a better dog for me.

Hunter is my teacher when it comes to the breed and working dogs. Through him, I am learning a lot about dog sports, working a dog, and the breed itself. He is a blessing in so many ways.

We both almost drown in a river last spring, and ended up saving each other, and every time I think of him swimming me to the shore while I held on to his collar I can't help but cry. I am fiercely protective of him... he is my heart.

Zenna is our new puppy, and she is really special (to us, anyway). Driven, confident, noisy, bratty, sharky, wiggly, affectionate, playful... we love her so much already. My husband and I are excited to start training and working her, but she is just such a great puppy already and has fit in so well with our pack.

Looking forward to reading about everyone's dogs!

d4lilbitz 03-02-2014 12:43 AM


Originally Posted by Castlemaid (Post 5119545)
So what about you?

Thanks for creating this post. I love to hear all the stories of members' pets.

Gypsy - She's my yellow lab. She's extremely smart, loving, gentle, and has a comical personality! Like most labs, water, mud, snow, pretty much anything wet are among her favorite things to get into. I've had her since a puppy, was already potty trained at 8 weeks. Now at 3.5 she's turned into a wonderful family member.

Red - He's our first shepherd. My family went to the first Marland Dogfest held at Blue Crab's Stadium in June 2012. His adoptive name was Rin Tin Tin, although at the time, he looked nothing like him. He was 60 lbs all skin and bones. Absolutely no muscle on him. He had no glimmer in his eyes and a dull coat. In his weakened condition, he could barely walk. He was such a sad sight. You could tell he was starved and beaten. It took him about 2 weeks not to scarf his food down when we brought him home. It was amazing to see his progress each day. Even through his ordeal, he still loved people, loved to be touched, and loved life. It's because of him that I fell in love with the German Shepherd breed.

Charlie (RIP 1/14/14) - She is my second rescue. She was turned into the shelter with two other dogs. All three females, she was the oldest. The Golden Retrieve was picked up by a rescue, the other German Shepherd was adopted. Charlie was 9 yrs old and no one wanted her. I decided to foster her to give her a better chance at finding a forever home. We had her for 1/2 a day and I had made my mind up...she'd live out her life with my family. We rescued her on December 5, 2013. She was an amazing girl with a huge heart. For her age, she was in excellent shape with a wonderful personality. We didn't know how much longer she'd live, but what years she had left she would know only kindness and love. Monday, January 13, 2014 started out like any other day. I worked from home so all the dogs were laying at my feet. Charlie was on the couch (her favorite place). Everyone ate breakfast normal and we went for our lunch time walk. At dinner, Charlie would eat. This wasn't normal. I felt her over, she showed no pain, her activity level was still normal. The next morning same thing, she wouldn't eat. If she didn't eat when I got home, I as taking her to the vet, because this wasn't normal behavior. She had blood work, a Sonogram, and X-ray done. It was determined she had Hemangiosarcoma. The vet said there was nothing they could do, so I made the hard decision to let her go. It was very hard, as I was thinking the condition was something that could be fixed when we were heading to the vets. Not once did my girl show pain or aggression. We had her cremated and she's resting on my mantle. I miss her dearly and think of her often. Charlie is the dog sitting on the fire place.

Whether they're still hear on earth with us or watching over us from above, German Shepherds forever hold a place in our hearts. It's because of these great animals that we are all a part of this forum.

gsdsar 03-02-2014 12:51 AM

Tell us about the dogs in your signature.
234 Attachment(s)
Ok, I will play!

B'lena zu Treuenhanden - call name Lena. I got her at 8 months as a USAR prospect. From the get go she had the most solid nerves I had ever seen. When we tested her at our training academy, they were testing a new robot for bombs. So they were literally setting off bombs and she never lost focus on her toy, ear twitch was all we saw. She has amazing agility, beautifully controlled on directionals, just a great dog. She did not make it as a USAR dog. Which stank. But she has been my go to dog for trying new things, we dabbled in HRD, NoseWorks, obedience, running and hiking. She is a hard worker.

Nixon Vom Banach- call name Nix. My new puppy. He is 13 mo old. And pretty much fits to a tee everything you read about DDR and Czech dogs. Very very bonded to me. Works great for praise, fairly moderate functional prey drive. I make that distinction because he has high prey drive, he just does not have use for toys. Which makes training a bit tough. But, as he matures I am seeing some of that develop. He now works for a ball and tug. Which is making my life easier. He us very pattern oriented, which will be an issue with training in the future. He does not generalize well, so I have to expose him to lots and lots. But, once he gets something, he has it. I have him heeling beautifully and I don't do it that often. He is slow to mature and I don't think I will really know what I have until well after his 2 bday. He has a great off switch, is a lot if fun, a great tracker, I adore what I am seeing so far.

Phoster- she is a Labrador, my current USAR dog, just recertified her. Never thought I would enjoy working a Lab, but she has stolen my heart. She is happy and focused and so much fun. I smile the entire time I work her. She is very much a working Lab. She ignores other people and dogs, very aloof and neutral, unless you have her toy. She tugs like a GSD, and is very rough and tumble. She is epileptic. But has not had a seizure in 18 mo. But I know at some point it will end her career.


Eisenhower Von der Polizei- call name Ike. My heart dog. I still cry on a regular basis when I think of him. He was a certified live find Wilderness dog. He taught me so much. About being a firm but fair and consistent handler. I nearly rehomed him at 18 months for handler aggression. We worked through it, and he became the most stable dog. We went everywhere together and he always drew a crowd. He was a bad dog. Not fully housebroken until he was 8yo, ate a couch, a bed, anything in the trash, a few pieces of jewelry, made my cat flap big enough for a GSD, all in all a real jerk. I loved every single bad thing he did. My puppy Nix is so much like him, whenever the pup does something bad, I curse Ike in heaven for giving the idea.

Hanah Vom Steffenhaus- call name Hanah. My first GSD. I wanted to do SchH, so I got a GSD. I thought I knew what I was doing, and I got lucky with her. We got her BH, but I did not enjoy SchH at that time( club director was abusive and I cried regularly) so we started in SAR, she was my first wilderness live find dog. She was amazingly forgiving, gentle, kind and so much fun. I retired her to my sisters home when I got Lena. The two young dogs kept knocking her over. She lived her golden years an only dog and a queen. Until she was 16 and could no longer hold her bladder or go for walks.

So that's it. Dogs I have owned and trained. Of course it does not include the dozens of rescues I have rehabbed, but I don't think there is room for that!!!

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llombardo 03-02-2014 01:11 AM

LOVE this thread...

Misty is a Samoyed/Lab/Old English Sheep Dog and is almost 9.5 years old:( I got her from the animal shelter when she was 10 months old. She had several staples in her leg and they didn't know what had happened to her, but she needed surgery and they gave it to her. She was brought into the shelter as a pup, adopted, brought back, adopted, and brought back again. Finally I got her and I still don't understand why she was brought back. Her name on paperwork was Josie, but lots of the volunteers called her Diamond. She is the leader of the pack.

Tannor is a 4 year old Golden Retriever. I wasn't looking for a dog when I came across him, but my dream dog was always a golden retriever. He came from a local hobby breeder that every golden retriever in the area came from. I just went to look. As I went to go pick up the puppy in front of me, the puppy in the back flew at us and jumped in my arms...that was Tannor. I never put him back down and have loved him since that moment. He is always by my side.

Robyn is 2.5 year old GSD. I got her from some people that posted an ad for her on Craigslist. She was to much for them to handle and they had her living outside, she was 12 weeks old and her name was Baby. She gave me a run for my money those first few months, she is the only dog that has ever made me cry. But when she came around, she came around in a big way. I'm thinking she is my heart dog. She is a special girl and she stole my heart. Solid nerves and great temperament.

Midnite is 1.5 year old GSD. I got Midnite at the animal shelter when he was about 8 months. He seemed like a perfect dog until we were walking out of the shelter and he reacted to a dog:( So we began our road to making him the perfect dog. It took several months, but Midnite came around and was able to get his CGC and become a certified therapy dog. Midnite's name was Midnite and I kept it. It fit him and he knew it well. Midnite also has solid nerves and a very nice temperament. And he LOVES his ball...

Brennan just turned 9 months..he is my crazy golden retriever. He is super smart and always thinking, he keeps me on my toes. He came from the same place as the other golden, different parents. He really is a ray of sunshine and I love him to pieces even if he can't leave my cell phone alone(he steals it all the time, no matter where it is):)

And here is a group photo, it includes my foster dog that my dad has...

Harry and Lola 03-02-2014 01:29 AM

My signature is not about the dogs I own now or previous ones, it is about EPI.

Harry was diagnosed with EPI last year and I wish I had of known more about this horrible condition or someone had of suggested I get him tested well before I realised something was wrong, so I'm on a mission to spread the EPI word:)

Eiros 03-02-2014 08:18 AM

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Jack - He was our first dog as adults. He was from a BYB, which I didn't know anything about at the time, and we poured our hearts into him. He was very "typical" GSD puppy in a lot of ways: prone to destruction when bored, aloof but driven, land shark from heck! He taught us how hard it is to raise a puppy. He was a ball of energy, he could never settle down. The bf and I had a lot of disagreements, but we both cared about him so much. When he was about 8 months old I got a job overseas, and we decided to rehome him, unsure of what my move would mean for our relationship, and how long I'd be gone. We knew Jack couldn't be happy being crated every day, so we found an active family who could be with him all day and had other dogs. He grew up into a beautiful boy, but passed away tragically after choking himself on his collar outside alone. We were still in touch with the family and this shattered us, and we've always blamed ourselves for what happened. Our hearts still break at his name.

Attachment 186577

Attachment 186569

Warden - we weren't looking for a dog when we found Warden. The bf used to check Craigslist every night, looking for GSDs and we'd moan about how bad we felt for them, and dream about the ones we'd have someday. In October 2013, I came across 5-month-old Warden one day when I decided to look on my own, and we both instantly fell in love. His name was Nino, and his owners loved him but were gone all day and didn't have the time or space to care for him. He had no socialization, but warmed to us right away. He came home with us that night and has been a joy ever since. He's smart and sweet, driven and playful, but a cuddly couch potato too. He's the perfect fit for us. He now loves playing with other people and dogs, and has graduated the OB program at our training club. We are looking into trying SchH next!

Attachment 186593

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Thanks for reading :)

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lhczth 03-02-2014 10:54 AM

Vala, aka Balien zu Treuen Händen SchH3 AWD1 FH2 CGC BHOT, is my heart dog. She loves life and expresses joy and happiness just about every moment that she is awake. The whole world must know that Vala is here. :eek: As a tiny puppy I dubbed her "the blue tick" because she was the blue collar pup (first born) and she was always attached to her mom like a tick. She was such a fat puppy that I was worried she would end up a swimmer puppy so I used to lie her on her side and push her under the pig rail so she would have to sleep on her side. She and I have been through a lot together. My first BHOT, my first to attend regionals, my first FH and FH2. We have traveled all over this half of the USA and even went to Germany together. She is the mother of my C, D, and E litter. I had thought about breeding her a 4th time, but her E litter was by section and seeing my heart upside down on a table with her insides pulled out convinced me I could not put her or me through that again. I was more worried about losing her than the pups. She will be 10 in July and still acts 2.

Nike, aka Burgos' Unika SchH1 OB1 TR3 AD CGC HOT. I didn't plan for Nike. A friend was owed a puppy, didn't have the room at the time and asked if I might be interested in looking at the litter. I liked the looks of her mother, loved the bloodlines (I had a Mink granddaughter too at the time) so dragged my poor husband down to VA to look at the litter. We drove the 10.5 hours over night and arrived early the next morning to test the pups. I picked her because nothing bothered her and she showed crazy hunt drive. Funny, she showed absolutely no interest in a rag. I figured that if she didn't work out for me I could resell her down the road. Nike proved to be my foundation bitch. Dominant, aloof, very tough female that taught me a lot. She absolutely adored my husband and he used to complain that she would be so happy to see him when he would come home from work yet would never listen to him. She used to drop little wads of paper on his leg and if he ignored her she would drop them a bit farther up his leg. Each time she dropped the piece of paper there would be a bit more force in how she set it down until Kevin would flick it off of his leg starting the game all over again. She was the mother of my A and B litters and LOVED being a mom. She would have nursed her second litter forever. She was my last real connection to Kevin so I always told her she had to live forever. I lost her in 2012 and it left a huge hole in my life and just writing this has me crying. :(

Deja, aka SG1 Dejavu zu Treuen Händen IPO3 AWD1 KKL1 BHOT......... as I tell people she is a blast to work, but I don't enjoy handling her. :crazy: She is Vala's daughter, but is far more like her grandmother, Nike. Tough, opinionated, way too smart for OUR own good. I figure maybe by the time she is 10 I will have figured out how to handle her. :eek: She is currently curled up next to me trying to use the edge of the comforter. She would prefer to be out hiking or crushing my nasty rooster. She will actually push the roosters until she finds the one that will attack and then she grabs him over the back and crushes him into the ground. She is the mother of my F litter. Great mom, but like her mom, is done with them by 5 or so weeks.

Elena, aka SG Elena zu Treuen Händen BH AD CGC BHOT, is another Vala daughter. Elena is a rather different dog than I normally work. Not a lot of drive for toys, a bit softer in temperament. She is a super sweet heart, loves to cuddle, pick on her mother and is wonderful with other dogs. The only GSD I have ever owned that could actually play at a dog park if I had that desire. She learns easily though I have had to think outside the box (always good for a trainer). One of the things she enjoys the most is going and harassing Deja when the latter is crated. I will catch her looking into Deja's crate wagging her tail and giving these little "hehe, I am loose and you aren't" yips. She also thought biting my ankle during the AD was a great way to add some excitement to a boring exercise. :) I need some updated photos. LOL

LB, aka Firien zu Treuen Händen BHOT. OMG, Lisa has a sable. :eek: She is Deja's daughter. More drive for toys, very good hunt drive, settles wonderfully in the house. Still young, though, so not much to write about her. She will be fun. And I REALLY need some new photos of her. :laugh:

Alexis, aka Alexis zu Treuen Händen, is not in my signature, but she is my old girl. Nike daughter. Another cuddler and she adores my nephew. Very high hunt drive and I should have done something more with her, but she was dysplastic so is just my companion. She loves traveling with me and even lets me lift her almost 80# into the truck. She expects to go when I travel. She hates her 1/2 sister and niece so makes things a challenge.

HMMMMMMM I sort of wrote a book. :)

Daisy&Lucky's Mom 03-02-2014 11:46 AM

Great Thread Castlemaid! Love seeing all the pictures of the dogs I've read about in the many threads on this forum. llombardo love your pack picture and Misty and Keeta are two of my favorite grand ladies of the forum It is very cool to see all the dogs in the signatures! Ihczth reading your stories of Nike and you other ladies made me smile.

I look forward to reading each new post and will ad mine as soon as find some older pictures

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