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Bridget 02-27-2014 02:03 PM

Unleashed dogs
Husband and I have gotten so frustrated in the past about people, especially in parks, having their dogs off leash when the dog is not well trained to stay with the owner. No problem if the dog is truly voice trained, but most dogs are not. We have pretty much stopped walking our lab at all because he doesn't like other dogs (loves people) and every time some off leash dog would come running up to him and, even though our dog was on leash and controlled, it was a big problem. So, Loki doesn't get walks because other people don't control their dogs. Sad, but we compensate in other ways.

Fast forward now to Zeus. Zeus is an American bulldog mix, very nice dog, but dislikes other dogs. Zeus was in our local shelter for more than a year before some girls that live in an apartment fell in love with him and adopted him. Zeus is a lot of dog, so we hoped it would work out and it seemed it was, as the girls were committed. Last night one of them returned Zeus to the shelter (the other was too upset). Guess what their undoing was? Other tenants with unleashed dogs who would run up to Zeus. So now poor Zeus is back at the shelter, not because he wasn't well taken care of and controlled, but once again because other folks don't control their dogs. Sad. I wish every time someone takes their under trained dog off leash in public they would realize that it might be a big problem for someone else's dog. It's one thing if the dog stays within a few feet of his owner and immediately comes back to heel when asked, but a different thing for the dog to be running 50 yards ahead of the owner and greeting every person and dog he sees. Sorry for the long post. I am just so frustrated.

GSKnight 02-27-2014 02:19 PM

I hear ya and agree.

I used to go to an on-leash park all the time, an older "gentleman" would always have his lab and doberman off leash... the two would come running at Viktor & I... there was never a dog-fight, because I would stand between the other dogs and mine. But, it did end up in a shouting match between the owner and myself. I told him to control his dogs and not let them run at us... he called me a synonym for a cat... I informed him this "cat" was more than willing to put the dogs in our vehicles and settle the matter...

pyratemom 02-27-2014 02:32 PM

Been there - done that - got the tee shirt! I hate off leash dogs that are out of control, and especially when their owners have no idea that their dog is the problem and they (the owner) are the problem, not my leashed dog. I have run into so many people that are either just plain stupid or have no care about others. One lady walks her terrier without a leash (she carries the leash - big deal) and it runs into yards and into the street and she just wanders along in a fog. One day I came around the corner of a building and saw her walking carrying her leash. I shouted out "where is your dog" and she just looked puzzled and motioned to somewhere behind her. I immediately turned around and got behind a gate and closed it just seconds before her unleashed dog ran into my dogs mouth. I had warned her before there is a leash law not only to protect people from bad dogs but to protect her dog from getting hit, getting bit, or whatever but she doesn't get it. She is such a space cadet she sees nothing wrong. Yesterday she came running toward me on the road with her dog, on leash for a change, but she was running directly toward me. I yelled to her to walk please while passing by but she just said "oh its just the dog not me." What does that even mean? I've been working on LAT with Raina for quite some time and most of the time it works, just when I run into weirdos like her that don't understand my dog does not want your dog in her face. Okay, rant over. Sorry to carry on.

selzer 02-27-2014 02:51 PM

People who have friendly dogs, just do not see the need. They figure if your dog is not friendly, than it shouldn't be out and about. Or they just don't think at all. It is frustrating. I don't have an answer for it. You can call animal control or the park ranger or the police, but they don't seem to care unless there are injuries.

Blanketback 02-27-2014 03:12 PM

All the dogs around here are unleashed. If you're lucky, their owner is nearby. My only answer is that the dogs need to be trained to ignore other dogs. They can dislike them and they don't need to play with them, but they need to be trained to pass them by. I know it can be done, since I've done it. I'd never give my dog up for something like that!

HarleyTheGSD 02-27-2014 03:58 PM

I completely understand! Dogs are off leash all the time here. Some seem friendly, and luckily their owners are nearby, but I don't think Varick would take too kindly to a strange dog running to him. People definitely need to think about all possibilities, and just because they have a friendly dog, it doesn't stop an unfriendly dog from attacking.

Bridget 02-27-2014 03:59 PM

Blanketback, I really get where you are coming from and I agree. The women who adopted Zeus were young, probably just post-college maybe and live in an apartment. I am assuming they probably don't have the space (or the knowhow) to train him on this. I think they realized that with all the loose dogs rushing up that this was a disaster waiting to happen and were probably right to bring him back. But still, poor Zeus. I understand, however, that you can't control the world; all you can do is be sure your dog is under control and managed.

Blanketback 02-27-2014 04:08 PM

It just really sucks for Zeus that he's lost his loving home because these young women can't take care of him properly. I know AmBulls can be a handful, and they can be large and powerful animals. But people need to step up and be reasonable, in their expectations for the dog, and most importantly be honest in their capabilities. Why couldn't they have adopted a fun-loving, smaller, uber-friendly dog instead? This is very sad.

Stosh 02-27-2014 04:30 PM

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Harry and Lola 02-27-2014 04:47 PM

I'm confused why Loki has to miss out on walks because of other dogs in parks being unleashed, why don't you walk Loki through busy streets where there won't be (or at least shouldn't be) dogs off leash?

Stay away from the parks and find areas where there are no unleashed dogs.

You could also train Loki to ignore other dogs and to not react when another unleashed dog approaches. I know this can be difficult but is possible.

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