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madis 02-25-2014 11:29 PM

What quirks does your GSD have?
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Alvin watches TV. Started with the Olympics now he's hooked -__-Attachment 185138

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Do you mind? I'm watching my stories.
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IllinoisNative 02-25-2014 11:48 PM

My dog throws up in his crate and only his crate. I keep his crate open all day and he goes in there to throw up. Maybe he's trying to tell me how he feels about the Now, the throwing up isn't chronic but he's gotten in to some things a couple of times, and he tends to throw up bile if it's too long between meals. Not that I'm complaining. Wish my cat had done that with his hairballs.:D

He also gives three kisses to me when I come home from work. Three kisses and then he goes into his crate to be fed. It's too freaking cute.

sechattin 02-26-2014 12:58 AM

My dog is the most accomplished fly/mosquito/moth hunter I have ever met. I'll be playing tug with him when his ears will suddenly perk up and he'll go flying to the other side of the house, pinpoint the bug and then track it around the house until it flies low enough that he can snap it up. I've had dogs that liked to chase flies until they get bored or distracted, but if he hears anything that buzzes, he has no problem tracking it for HOURS around the house. At the very least, he gets exercise and I've never had to invest in bug spray

Charlie W 02-26-2014 03:20 AM

Norah often looks at things with one ear down and one ear up, I have lots of photos where it looks as though she only has one ear!

mcdanfam 02-26-2014 06:18 AM

Ours would wrestle in the house...when they figured out the snarls and growls drew our attention and would end the play session, they stopped making noise but continue to wrestle...they think of they don't make growling sounds they will be able to continue playing.

Our male likes to bounce on his shadow...and if the female is outdone...she will try to hump her brothers head...she is not allowed, but she will try...we think she is a sore loser.

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madis 02-26-2014 06:19 AM

Haha those are awesome! Lol funny breed for sure.

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Sp00ks 02-26-2014 06:50 AM

So far this pup watches tv quite a lot. He stalks like a cat his "aunt Sandy" our sons dog. They play together a lot. He is already opening doors if they aren't fully latched.

Previous Shepherds were "butt bumpers" we have had two with this behavior and the new pup seems to have the tendency as well. They walked up to you in a chair and started bumping the chair with their rear end. I have seen the pup push Sandy around with his hind end when playing.

Thesilentone 02-26-2014 07:04 AM

Mine likes to lay upside down with his toy or bone hanging out of his mouth like he's being lazy about chewing. I've been meaning to get a photo of him like that, lol.

Remo 02-26-2014 07:16 AM

Willy runs out of the room when you sneeze - every single time. And you can't fool her with a fake sneeze to demonstrate this little quirk.

Sister barks at dogs and horses on TV. What is funny that she starts barking when she HEARS the noise from horse tack - she doesn't even really need to see the horse.

Sasha (Boogie) takes her toys and throws them in the air and jumps around to catch them. She also likes to smell my breath after I brush my teeth.

madis 02-26-2014 07:27 AM

Alvin also whines at acorns. Since he was 9 weeks old... Weirdo

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