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Broncs 02-21-2014 10:45 AM

Smokey and I
Smokey has been gone for several years now but was with me for 15 years! I spent many years in France in the French Foreign Legion and when I moved home Smokey came with me. I decided to try driving trucks, Smokey loved traveling in the the Truck an exploring and having new adventures in new places everyday. Here is my favorite story of our adventures! I still smile when I think of this one!

Smokey and I were both still fairly new to truck driving and we were in OH and in need of fuel. I stopped and filled up the truck and went in to pay the bill. I came out and the drivers door was open a bit, I climbed in and realized Smokey was gone!!! I was now in "find the dog mode" I parked the truck and started to get out and find her, I quickly realized as dusk was coming and lots of trucks were parking for the night the odds of me finding a GSD running underneath trailers would be very difficult. I then decided to get on the CB and ask if anyone had eyes on her, I turned the CB on and never had to ask a thing...... The CB community was going on about the manager of the truck stop chasing a GSD around the kitchen! My jaw dropped open and I shook my head with a slight smile, grabbed the leash and headed inside. As I entered I was immediately the center of attention and was directed to the managers office where I found Smokey and those big brown eyes being the attention ***** that she was! I was asked several questions of how and why etc. and on our way we went, me still laughing and Smokey as happy as she could be!

Mary Beth 02-21-2014 09:17 PM

:D Great story! Your Smokey sure knew how to get attention. I wonder if the cook was chasing her around the kitchen with the carving knife like a gsd version of the nursery rhyme.

Loneforce 02-21-2014 09:23 PM

:) Great story! It sounded like Smokey was cool Shepherd, and a great friend.

KathrynApril 02-21-2014 10:59 PM

Lol nice.

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Wetdog 02-23-2014 02:17 AM

Great story.

It took me back to a memory of Dixie Belle when she was a puppy---maybe about ten months to a year old. I was taking Dixie and Enka out to the lake, and stopped off at WalMart on the way. It was warm so the windows to the van were open, but not so far they could get out. But the windows behind the front seats were sliding windows.

I guess Dixie decided I was taking too long, so she decided to come get me. She must have slid the window back, and sniffed me out. Apparently, she just waltzed right into WalMart through the automatic doors, right past the greeter and followed her nose to me as straight as an arrow.

All I know was I looked up, and up marched this German Shepherd (largish puppy) and gave me an exasperated "WOOF"(like, "OK, you've been in here long enough, let's go." She was trailing a cortege of about a dozen people, some amused and some more than a little afraid--------all of them completely ignored.

Dixie was a GSD on a mission----to go to the lake. And she wasn't about to let WalMart change that.

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