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erfunhouse 01-31-2014 04:48 PM

I know everyone says not to....(moved to stories)
...get a second dog to occupy the first, and that isn't why we got Kia, but she sure has helped Sabo out!

No matter WHAT I did with Sabo he was a destructive little turd! Don't get me wrong, I love him with all my heart. We would train, we would walk, we would hike, we would play hide and seek, we would tug, we would fetch...and the second I had to do something else, he was off chewing something, chasing the cat, biting the kids, destroying the yard...just in general being a puppy and being a boy. It was driving me NUTS. The dog would NOT settle!

I started figuring he was bored. Human interaction wasn't enough for him. He loved the dog park (though I never took anxiety would transfer to him and he would be anxious...unless we were meeting with a dog I knew, I didn't go) and loved to be with other dogs. He was never a cuddle bug. Once in a while he would grace my with his butt and sit on the couch.

I wanted another dog. More mellow, but still wanting to play. One who would cuddle...who I hoped could teach Sabo to cuddle and could be a companion. And well, I just wanted another dog.

We brought home Kia. You all know my stress those first few days/two weeks. We've had her for three weeks now and she was the absolute BEST decision we have ever made. She cuddles. She plays with Sabo. Granted, if allowed, they both dig in the backyard (we've stopped caring about that if that's the worst they do!)...but they are together. Sabo now SETTLES in the house! They will lay on their beds, or she will be on the couch and he will lay on the opposite couch or his bed.

Over all...for us, it worked out.

Thank you EVERYONE for being so supportive during my spazzoid time trying to get her to fit in and relax. I think she has. By golly...I think we've done it!

wyoung2153 01-31-2014 05:04 PM

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Yay! Good story :) glad to read some happy ones on here. Good to hear all worked out well!!

Nigel 01-31-2014 05:15 PM

Glad it's all working out and Kia is settling in like you'd hoped. I'll always have multiple dogs. I'm their primary source of fun 95% of the time, but on occasion they can happily entertain themselves, sometimes its fun to just spectate.

David Taggart 01-31-2014 05:19 PM

Obedient team dogs? Both of them should look into your mouth before you pronounce anything. My humble advice: make two different balls your major training tools for two dogs at once. Decide to whom your right and left hands would belong, dogs have a strong sense of left and right. They should be ball mad for the start. A simple game with two balls when one dog is sitting and waiting for his turn, and the second dog runs after. Please, don't forget, that each dog should have his/her own toy, otherwise you would struggle with the issue of giving the priority.

OriginalWacky 02-01-2014 12:10 AM

I made a horrible, terrible, not-wise decision once when we were having some issues with one of our dogs, and that was to add a third dog into the mix. The complete opposite of what you'd expect happened, and the 'problem' dog improved so much that it was almost like a miracle. So while in theory, and most of the time in life, adding another dog isn't the answer, but it can be a good thing too.

The only worry I'd have is making sure they don't bond so much that they exclude you.

Harry and Lola 02-01-2014 01:03 AM

Adding another dog is fantastic - when it works out. Before I got Harry I took on a 6yo GSD male, Lola was 2yo. He was a beautiful boy with a lovely temperament and I was so happy to be able to rescue him, however Lola hated him. Lola is a very easy going girl with a great temperament, however as a pup and juvenile she was attacked by large breed dogs and is not very good with them, so I should have wondered if it was going to work out, unfortunately it was the worse thing for both dogs, it eventually resulted in a full on dog fight in my lounge room. I had to return the male, but he was rehomed with a great family so things fortunately worked out for him and Lola was ecstatic when I bought 8 week old Harry home - she loves him and to this day they are very very close to each other. So, really does depend on the dogs.

Gretchen 02-01-2014 10:03 AM

So glad this has worked out! We had a friend that owned a body shop, he worked long days but loved his dog (Lab). He found his dog was the least stressed when he was gone when he had companionship and getting another dog worked out well.

havery 02-02-2014 01:03 AM

We added Yann for a calming influence on Sofie. Everyone told me it was a bad idea, it wouldn't work, etc...but all my life I've owned multiple dogs and it's always worked out better than singles. The difference in Sofie is absolutely amazing. It's been good for Yann, too. Sofie is calmer and more focused on training. Yann is more active so his hips don't bother him as much, he eats better, and is showing the personality his breeder said he showed as a younger dog. We also did a LOT of looking around before deciding on Yann, I think if you are careful with the pairing it can work out great :-)

So glad it worked out for y'all!

Sofie Rose born 08/2012
Yann von Erzengel born 02/2006

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