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Kahrg4 01-18-2014 09:27 PM

Starting to Think We're Cursed
First, I want to apologize for the length of this post. It has been a heck of a night!

Cafall and I were at the pet store tonight picking up a few items. We were second in the check-out line with Cafall sitting at my feet when a woman and her chihuahua walked up in line behind us. Immediately the chihuahua starts barking and jumping at Cafall. Cafall stood and turned to face/watch the chihuahua but looked at me for direction.

I moved as far forward as possible to get away from the angry lil beast and put Cafall back into a sit. Well the lady just moved forward too and as soon as it gained some ground her chihuahua went full nuclear. Ears back, snarling, jumping forward barking. I looked at the lady and she just laughed, "He thinks he so big."

I told her, "He's actually being kinda aggressive." Before she could even say her dog wasn't aggressive it leaped forward, attacked and bit my shoe. While it didn't pierce my shoe, it startled me. I jumped back, dropped one of the bags of treats I was holding and nearly tripped over Cafall.

Cafall went on alert and not in a friendly way. The hair on his back stood up, twitching lip curls, he was staring down the chihuahua, and wouldn't budge from being between me and the little dog. During this time the person ahead of us finished checking out and left. I moved forward with Cafall while the lady pulled the chihuahua behind her and started talking to it. "That mean lady with her big dog call you a bad name?" :eek: :mad:

I turned back, stepped around Cafall, and reached for the bag of treats I had dropped. The chihuahua bolted around the lady's legs and launched at my face. It bit through my lower lip, scratched my left cheek and chin. The next minute was just blurred chaos.

I reeled back clutching at my mouth. Cafall lunged forward on the offensive. The lady tried to yank the chihuahua's leash back. The fur flew. When we each got our dogs pulled back Cafall had bites and scratches on his nose and lips and the chihuahua was limping and whining.

The cashier called a manager over and started handing me kleenex for my bleeding lip and cheek. The chihuahua's owner was screaming at me that my dangerous dog that almost killed hers. Cafall stood braced by my side ready for the next round.

The last hour and half has been spent retelling this story over and over. First to the store manager, then to the cops (apparently the chihuahua owner called them), and finally writing it all down in a written report. Thankfully the cashier has totally backed up my claim that Cafall and I are not the instigators and that Cafall did nothing but attempt to protect me. To be honest, the officers seemed way more interested in how old Cafall is, what breeder I got him from, even complimented his sable coat. It was actually one of them that had the manager fetch some disinfectant cream to put on Cafall's nose. Clearly they know a lil something about how awesome GSDs are. :cool:

Initially, the chihuahua lady wanted me to pay for whatever vet bills her dog is going to have. Via police proxy I suggested she could then pay for any human medical bills I was going to incur. Long story short we both agreed to leave without pressing charges and each take care of our own medical expenses. I don't want to see the dog euthanized, but it could def use a solid round or two of training. Or at the very least better management.

I will be fine and don't need any stitches. All the bloody kleenexes though certainly made her think twice about forcing the payment issue. Cafall has been checked over by an off duty vet tech friend who gave me some advice about things to watch for. Otherwise he seems to feel fine. I'm actually more worried it might have set back the progress Cafall and I have made in regards to him not reacting to other dogs. We have made so much headway since he was bitten by an Akita this past fall and I'd hate to see one mean little out of control chihuahua mess it all up.

We're home now. My husky has been licking Cafall's ears and generally playing nursemaid to both of us. I've got nothing planned but lots of cuddles for the rest of the evening. Talk about a crazy Saturday night. :(

Thewretched 01-18-2014 09:36 PM

I'm glad everything worked out, people think just because their dog isn't 50 pounds, it's allowed to be an a**

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Nigel 01-18-2014 09:59 PM

What a donut hole, sorry you had to deal with that! Hopefully no lasting effect on Cafall.

Kahrg4 01-18-2014 10:12 PM

Wretched I completely agree. Those who know me well know I have a special lil soapbox speech about the antics toy breeds get away with that would land large dogs in hot water.

Thanks Nigel. I've got me fingers crossed that Cafall does okay.

I'm already trying to plan what our next outing should be. I'm thinking an on leash public park so that if we do see other dogs they will be far enough away that I can better gage his reaction. I am totally open to any suggestions anyone has though too!

Liz&Anna 01-18-2014 10:14 PM

OK- I work at petco- and I can tell you I see things like this ALL THE TIME, I don't mean to rant but I haaaaate that just because a dog is small it's behavior is excusable. That because its under 10lbs they don't put time in to training it. I can't stand to see things like this. Reading it I can very clearly see the entire thing happen it really makes me mad.... If you aren't intelligent you shouldn't be allowed to be responsible for another living thing...

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BowWowMeow 01-18-2014 10:16 PM

Can you disinfect your lip? I know a couple of people who have been bitten, thought nothing of it and then ended up in the ER.

KathrynApril 01-18-2014 10:18 PM

OMG so sorry to hear that happened. Hope you and your dog feel better soon. That lady & her dog sound horrible.

Gwenhwyfair 01-18-2014 10:20 PM


The Chi is probably lucky to be alive.

Agree with the suggestion that you go to a doc or at least a walk in clinic, please.

Sookie 01-18-2014 10:20 PM

So sorry this happened :( what an idiot that dog owner was and what a disservice she is doing to her dog. Hope you both heal quickly and it doesn't set your pup back, but it sounds like it ended as well as could be hoped for. Really do not understand why people like that have dogs at all.

Kahrg4 01-18-2014 10:35 PM

Thanks BowWowMeow, no worries, I have absolutely disinfected my lip, cheek, and chin. I appreciate the concern though. :)

Liz&Anna, I can only imagine the interactions you must see. It's disheartening to hear it happens so often. Here I thought we were just special :crazy:

KathrynApril pretty sure Cafall is feeling fine if not beginning to try and milk a bit more attention/ministrations from my husky. Poor Finder is just as much a sucker for the GSD sad eyes as I am. :rolleyes:

Gwenhwyfair I had the same thought. It sounds mean of me, but I was beyond relieved the chihuahua left with only a limp and not in pieces.

Sookie I agree. Not only a disservice to her dog, but to the whole breed by allowing her dog to act so poorly. Although, I'm sure we probably ruined any good thought she ever had about GSDs now too.

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