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ILoveApples 01-07-2014 08:17 PM

Wanted opinion on my story
I've frequented this website in the past for information about my puppy in the past, however, today is my first post after a incident with leaving my dog in the car. I typically think things through when it comes to my dog, and I thought I had this time as well, but I wanted some objective opinions from other GSD owners in the case that I am in the wrong. Also maybe it'll act as a warning for others.

I was at the supermarket and I had left my dog alone in the car. The current weather outside feels like -30c(-22F) without windshield -20c(-4F). I had left her in the car for around an hour and a half when I came back to check on her. Coming back to my car I found two people asking me if it was my dog in the car. After which they told me things like I didn't deserve my car and that I was cruel for putting my dog through this. I tried telling them that she does well in the cold, but they didn't listen and drove off.

Getting in the car I noticed that Sophie's leash was off. I had not left it that way when I had left as I keep it on. I do this because there's a much higher risk that she'll jump out when i open the door rather than her choking on something the in the car. I am pretty sure that the people somehow opened my car and also went through my stuff (perhaps to get my name and address). How they managed this I don't know even though I am certain that the doors were locked. After 15 minutes the police showed up. I explained the situation to them; they seemed satisfied and left shortly.

Sophie is a long haired GSD, and from past experiences I would say that she loves the snow and the cold. I have to make sure that she is near something cool (e.g. slightly open window) otherwise she starts panting and looks uncomfortable. When my power went for a few days and the temperature in my house reached -15c and lower she was fine for the night. As a side note I can't leave her alone for more than 15 minutes in summer (this is an assumption as the most I've left her outside in summer is 10 minutes).

Anyways I was wondering what people thought about my situation. Moreover, I hope that this is a cautionary about people with more heart than sense.

Left dog that does ok in cold weather in my car. People entered my car and called cops.

zyppi 01-07-2014 08:22 PM

ok, so you left the dog in a car for an hour and a half with no window cracked?

I wouldn't worry about the cold as much as not having fresh air.

Be glad there are folks out there looking out for welfare of dogs.

Personally wouldn't leave a dog that way.

Wetdog 01-08-2014 01:32 AM

Be glad there are folks out there looking out for welfare of dogs."----------

I'm not so sure that is what they were looking out for----I'd have gotten their license #.

-------" I wouldn't worry about the cold as much as not having fresh air."-------

She's fine. I often left three in the van in cold weather---never ever had even a hint of a problem.

llombardo 01-08-2014 02:00 AM

There is no way I would leave my dog in the car any more then a couple minutes, but some people choose to. For those that choose to, a window cracked open for air would seem sensible. It would also seem sensible that heat would be left on in extreme conditions. Your dog might do well in cold weather, but I'm thinking that is a dog that is moving, running, playing. How long can you sit in the car not moving, no heat, and no window cracked open? On Sunday where I live, someone left their American Bulldog in the car with th heat on while they went to pay for gas. The dog was stolen out of the car and several hours later hit by a car clear across the city. The dog died. Just something to think about, some people aren't right upstairs.

brembo 01-08-2014 02:08 AM

A long haired GSD in a closed car could likely survive -50 outside temps. She was probably loving the cool temps. Sled dogs do it for months at a time, they never see the inside of a house. Granted she's not as heavily furred up as a sleddie, but a LH shep is sporting a pretty dang good insulator.

Now summer? Never NEVER leave a dog in the car for any length of time. The temps can skyrocket in a matter of minutes. Dogs are good at cold and horrible at hot, and cars heat up orders of magnitude faster than they cool off. On a good hot, sunny day I'd be flipping out if I had to leave my dogs alone for 5 minutes. Bit jumpy on my part possibly but heat stroke is no game.

IllinoisNative 01-08-2014 11:15 AM

I've left my dogs in the car during winter/fall months if I'm stopping at the grocery store or doing some quick errands. However, it's never been when the weather has been around zero or below. They may well be fine but I'm not comfortable with it. An hour and a half seems long to me in that type of temperature.

And I absolutely NEVER do it during summer months.

halo2013 01-08-2014 11:44 AM

I take my baby everywhere with me. But since the temp has been so low I've been leaving her home. Dogs can catch hypothermia like people. And even if your not in there long. Once that core body temp drops below a normal level body parts stop functioning. Same in the summer time. Dogs can literally cook inside if they are left in a vehicle. To me its not worth it. She goes everywhere with me. Missing one car ride that could could turn ugly quick is fine with me. I just think of it as potentially saving her life.

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misslesleedavis1 01-08-2014 11:59 AM

I have left mine in the car before, doors locked, window cracked and the heat on in the cold months only if i will be a few minutes, i am not worried about them freezing so much as i am worried about someone stealing them. In the summer same deal, car running window cracked air con on full blast and only if for a few minutes. Its not the heat or cold that worries me, because i have air con and heater for that, its the people that may take them.

Gretchen 01-08-2014 12:26 PM

An hour and a half in the car in below freezing temps. I would have called the police too.

LaRen616 01-08-2014 12:37 PM

I've never left my dog in the car alone longer than 5 minutes. I am a worry wart, I worry about someone stealing my dog.

Leaving a dog out in a freezing car for an hour and a half, that's a long time, I would never do that but again, I am a worry wart. :o

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