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Gsd getting a bad name?

I told a lot of people I was getting a german shepherd before I got my pup and all I heard was bad things like why are you doing that you have small kids those dogs will turn on you. Those dogs are mean. You can't trust them.
I've had german shepherds all my life and I've never had one be aggressive towards me. I have pictures of me at 5 years old laying on our gsd pulling her ears. I just hate that some people have the wrong idea about the breed I love so much. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I live in northeast Louisiana btw.

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Gsd getting a bad name?

My boys are 5 and 3 btw and I'm more scared for the puppy to be honest. It would probably be different if I had a full grown shepherd and then had a baby.

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Obviously them people never had a German Shepherd before.

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No, it's very obvious they haven't, but they are up on their internet BS and old wives tales.

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These are dogs used in police work. They are dogs that were used as junk yard dogs. This is a breed where there are many weak nerved, squirrely dogs. I don't get insulted when someone is scared of mine. I respect that fear because fear is rarely rational.

However, my brother at 32 still has the scars where an adult German Shepherd latched on to his face. This was not a warning. This was the dog having a full grip on a 5 years old's face with top and bottom jaw that resulted in many stitches.

The manager at the local HS is terrified of German Shepherds. She had one at the shelter that spent most of him time with her for two weeks...and then he attacked. I"m sure there were warning signs. there always are. But she weighs about 85 lbs dripping wet and a dog that weighed as much if not more than her attacked.

So while many people are just scared of GSDs from myths...there are many people that are scared of them with legitimate reasons.

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But ANY breed of dog has things like that happen. It's peoples mindset that's an issue. Actually, even though I like Golden retrievers, and everyone sees them as sweet, friendly dogs, they have been so over-bred, that they bite more then GSDs. Not sure how you can change peoples conceptions. Just socialize you dogs and ignore the ignorance. My 2 bark up a storm and people think they are mean but if you put your hand on them they'd lick you to death. I have socialized them.
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Gsd getting a bad name?

When I look at a german shepherd I think wow that is a beautiful dog. I understand that some dogs are abused or not socialized or just take after their owner or hurting they will attack. That's any breed though. I have known people with pit bulls and they were smart and friendly just really great dogs. They get a bad rap and I can understand why but a german shepherd that is elegant and graceful and beautiful I just don't know. My wife's papaw said an old man down the street from where he lives died that had a gsd and his son was taking care of him and the dog turned on him and the gsd had to be put down. I just know I love these dogs and most of them are great dogs I will never own another kind... Although I have a schnauzer right now and I have grown to love him. He is my little ozzy man

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I honestly believe most pitbulls are more stable than most gsd's. These dogs are smart and need work. My neighborhood is full of crazy gsd's?
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They've had a bad name for a while, you're just starting to notice it because you are getting a GSD.

I was the exact same way. I wasn't aware of all the misconceptions about GSDs until I got one. Once I did, it seemed like EVERYONE had something to say about how horrible they were. Some fears I could completely understand; I know a woman who was attacked by two different GSDs on two different occasions, others, like how WGSDs are inherantly dangerous and will attack unprovoked, were brought on by poorly bred dogs or just old wives tales.

As long as you train/treat your dog well, you shouldn't have any issues. Have fun showing others just how wonderful a well bred and well trained GSDs can be.

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If you say you are getting a GSD or Doberman or pitbull, people will say they are mean.

If you say you are getting a Cocker Spaniel or a Collie or a Saint Bernard, people will say those breeds have had all the sense bred out of them.

If you say you are getting a Poodle or a Chihuahua, people will say they are nervous.

If you say you are getting a Golden Retriever, it's the hips.

A Lab? They are too hyper.

Is there some truth behind most of these negative opinions? Sure. You can take any breed or dog or race of human being and find some examples to back up a negative opinion of that particular grouping . . .as long as you ignore all the contrary evidence.

I think, with animals and with people, you judge the individual.
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