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Mooch 01-02-2013 07:46 AM

If you ever thought your own dog would never bite you...
Well guess I'm one of those people that always thought - my dog would dnever bite me never mind what situation he was in.
Guess I'm going to reconsider that. Hex bit my DH on xmas eve (not really badly, he didn't break skin)

it was one of those really silly accidents that you just can't predict.
Hex was outside the front door on the porch eating his breakfast and mojo was inside with me. All of a sudden hex starts screaming at the top of his voice - my first thought was "he's got his nose or foot stuck trying to open the door."
So i rush over and open the door, and mojo runs over and starts having a go at Hex who's still screaming (this all happened in about 3 seconds) I didn't see if he snapped at her or she snapped at him, they don't usually fight.
So I grabbed Mojo around the neck and held her away from Hex while trying to see what on earth had happened.
DH jumped out the door to see to Hex. I finally managed to shove Mojo inside and get outside myself. Hex had stopped screaming at that stage. But DH was sitting there looking shocked holding his forearm which was already coming up in a massive bruised welt.

Hex had stood on a loose floor board on the porch (yay for cheap rental properties) and his foot had gone through and gotten pinched/stuck. DH realised after he checked Hex's tail first at which stage Hex spun around and bit him.
He punched the floor board and managed to bend it enough to get the dogs leg out. :eek: (This is a guy who until 3 years ago was terrified of dogs )
There was no time to go get a muzzle or any of those things that always sound so sensible when you talk about them at a seminar :(
But now the floor boards have been replaced and the whole front porch is covered with a rubber stall mat as it's the dogs favourite place to sleep.
Hex is fine and DH was very proud to show off his bruise on xmas day LOL he's all good again too.
But yeah just goes to show that your dog when panicking may just not react the same as what you'd expect.

Angelina03 01-02-2013 09:20 AM

Oh boy. Thanks for sharing. That's quite an eye opener. I'm glad everyone is ok and that dh didn't develop a new found terror or grudge.

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TommyB681 01-02-2013 09:40 AM

i thought that too and one day Abbi collapsed outside and couldnt get up. As a last resort i tried to scoop her up and get her into the car to the ER. While trying to pick her up she bit into my chest, broke skin pretty good.

OffgridAlex 01-02-2013 10:02 AM

I hope everyone is ok, sounds like a frightening few seconds for everyone, I bet Hex is feeling terrible about his mistake

Muneraven 01-02-2013 10:08 AM

We had a crazy scrape the other day and I was shocked that my partner didn't get bit. Our GSD pup has been wearing a fairly cheap nylon collar because he is still growing. I noticed that it looked a bit loose . . .but I didn't check it right away. DUMB. He was outside with our doodle Gus and somehow, while they were wrestling around, Gus got his lower jaw caught in Jaeger's collar, which loosened further and then TWISTED around Gus's jaw.

Jaeger was being choked and Gus' jaw was being cut. They were stuck, both screaming, both trying to get away and hurting themselves further. :eek:

I heard the first screams and ran, but my partner was out the door and to the dogs before I hit the porch. She had to put her hand in Gus' mouth to unsnap the quick release buckle. When she told them to hold still, both dogs did so and Gus held his mouth very still and didn't bite down, thank goodness.

Poor Gus had bloody gums and Jaeger had a bloody nose, but no serious damage to ANYONE. We were so very lucky.

It was sweet because for the rest of the day Gus and Jaeger would approach each other and lick each other's faces as if to say "Dude, I am SO sorry . . .I don't even know how that happened!"

I have been compulsively checking collar fit on all my dogs since that happened. :blush:

wolfstraum 01-02-2013 11:41 AM

dogs are not biting "YOU" in these circumstances, they are trying to get loose or just biting out of fear reaction at anything....

Muneraven - you are sooooo lucky!!!!!!! I have heard of several, and met one woman, who had a dog strangled or had to be put to sleep over caught with horses, I would NEVER put a nylon collar (halter) on a dog...they don't break! the dog will strangle before that collar will give....

Thank goodness everyone is OK!


Magwart 01-02-2013 12:01 PM


Originally Posted by wolfstraum (Post 2669568)
Muneraven - you are sooooo lucky!!!!!!! I have heard of several, and met one woman, who had a dog strangled or had to be put to sleep over caught with horses, I would NEVER put a nylon collar (halter) on a dog...they don't break! the dog will strangle before that collar will give....

**raises hand**

Many years ago, we had a dog die his way, during a play-accident. We weren't home, but the neighbors (bless them) heard the play turn to panic and climbed the wall to try to help. Just as Muneraven describes, one's jaw had slid under the collar during play, the other dropped and rolled as they do during play, creating a figure-8 twist and the more they tried to pull apart, the tighter it got until it strangled one. The quick-release buckle would not release because of the pressure the dogs were exerting, and the neighbors couldn't cut the collar off in time. It was horrible. The surviving dog whose jaw was caught never played with other dogs as joyfully again after that.

We now only leave dogs unattended in Chinook Breakaway Collars:
Chinook & Co., L.L.C. Home page (sold on Amazon, or through the company directly). We frequently find dogs our collar-less, and the collars in the yard, when they've been out playing--these collars really do release when they should. Young, mischievous dogs sometimes play tug with them, causing us to have to to replace the collars (the company was great about giving me a discount when this happened a couple times when mine were young) -- but I'd far rather have to replace a collar than lose a friend!

skew12 01-02-2013 03:48 PM

Im sorry to hear about your loss! Thanks for posting a link to those collars.

llombardo 01-02-2013 04:58 PM

I would expect any dog that is scared or hurting to bite. Years ago our dalmatian got hit by a car. I heard her crying and ran out there. She had seen my son and got out of her collar and was running to him...he was hysterical. I did pick her up, because my only thought was to help her. She actually kissed me once she was in my arms. Got her to the vet and after a very expensive surgery she was fine.

Kyleigh 01-02-2013 05:05 PM

I've never been bit by any of my dogs ... yet. I never believe that my dog will never bite me, nor that any dog will never bite me. I was taught from a very young age ... ANY dog will bite, given the right circumstances. And like wolfstraum mentioned, they aren't really biting at you, they are biting because of the circumstances.

I'm glad that everyone is ok, it is definitely a heart racing moment when the "crapola's" hitting the fan and you're trying to figure out what the heck is going on!

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