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Old 12-13-2012, 04:38 PM   #11 (permalink)
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I don't answer the door without Nikon either (well, I look out the window and obviously let in someone I know or am expecting). I live in a decent neighborhood but we've had the same sort of thing happen, some guy was going around saying he was from DTE and would be coming back on the weekend to do some work. Our neighborhood has a Facebook (which is a great resource, BTW) and it got people talking. Our community police officer got involved and contacted DTE on behalf of the neighbors who had been visited by this guy. We also constantly get people trying to scam you into buying their expensive alternative energy. And when I was in highschool, I had this guy show up (this was at my parent's house but it's in the same neighborhood) and he kept trying to flatter me and then asked if he could take my picture. It was so creepy! I just acted cool and said no thanks while I memorized EVERY detail about him. My dad who has never been overprotective of me flipped out and called the cops to file a report. He thought the guy was some sicko perv that had staked me out since I got home from school at 1pm every day and no one else came home until around 5pm. Nothing ever came of it but if I'd had a dog back then the conversation would have been a LOT shorter!
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Wow, that's really unsettling. We get a lot of solicitors in my neighborhood and even though it annoys the heck out of me I'm glad that Bear goes berserk everytime he hears the doorbell.
Once I invite someone in he's fine, but if I am just standing at the door he's having none of it.
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The times I've been between dogs are practically unbearable for me. Here is an old story but one that still pricks the hair on the back of my neck when I remember it:

When my first child was about 5 months old, my husband left Spokane to go test for a fire dept on the west side. He was due home about 11 or midnight. I was sitting in our recliner by the front door, nursing her, and it was probably 10:30 at night. The front entry came in a little bit and had floor to ceiling windows that were covered by cheap metal blinds that didn't reach all the way to the floor. My big GSD mix was laying by the front door, behind the recliner. He spent most of his time outdoors, really, but I always made him come in when I was alone. (He was very hot in the house and hated it).

Suddenly there was a deep growl from behind the chair. Now, he could growl on command, but this was completely different. This made every hair on my head and body stand up. It was a serious growl--I've not heard many like that since. I heard a knock at the door and turned to my right to see out that window there---all I could see was ankle down, obviously a man, wearing white, white running shoe/style shoes. My dog was standing straight up, stiff, tail a little above his back, and he was staring at the door. He looked at me, and I just looked back, because I felt my safest move was not to make any movement or any sound; even though the door and house were there, it was only about 4 feet from me to where he was standing, and I felt this very, very strong vibe NOT to make a sound or reveal my presence. He knocked again, and my dog growled again--this time, I saw one foot step back slightly. Finally, after what seemed like ages, he turned and left. I didn't relax until my dog did. He came and sniffed both of us, gave me a wag and laid back down.

I checked with my neighbors, I called my siblings, called my friends...no one had come by. I lived in a pretty decent little neighborhood, no apts near by, all houses....little houses, but still. I always wondered what the he// a man would've wanted stopping by a house at 10:30 pm on a weeknight, unless it was trouble.

Since my dog was very big, and he was a very confident and stable dog, I have no doubt he would've made an attempt to protect us. I don't know how far he would've gotten against a male intent on causing trouble, but I at least always felt that he would've given me a chance to escape or get help or a weapon.

I try never to be without a dog.
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Since I have had these two dogs, NO ONE comes to our door anymore, they just call us.

The stories sound pretty creepy
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How scary! We have a gun in the house so I feel somewhat safe. Though a few months ago someone tried to break into our neighbors house and another time we had a police helicopter flying through our neighborhood looking for some guy on the run. Our city is pretty safe compared to others near us but it was still unsettling.

So when we were looking to get another dog I only had an interest in dogs that had a natural protective instincts and I had wanted a GSD forever so that's what we decided on. I only really hope Ollie will be a deterrent since I'd probably run in front of a bullet to protect him, lol. I know, I'm a crazy person.
Zephos("Ollie") vom Grunenfeld - 8/29/12 HIC CGC
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Old 12-13-2012, 06:54 PM   #16 (permalink)
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Good that you followed through Jag!
I was home yesterday til about 11 am and there was a knock at my door around 9. Onyx started barking right at the door, Kacie was outside barking at the scent and Karlo was quietly watching. I didn't answer it as I wasn't expecting anyone. The guy stood at the door for a couple minutes with Onyx going off(stained etched glass door so I know the guy saw her). I saw another guy across the street, they must have been doing a survey or selling something. No reason whatsoever for me to answer it.

The reason we got Onyx in the first place...there was a van canvassing our neighborhood and others in the area and my young daughter was scared, to the point of obsessing over it...so my DH decided to get a GSD for 'protection'.
One of our neighbor girls was murdered by another transient neighbor a few years previous, and it really affected my kids. She had babysat for them a few times and was friends with all the kids, so it hit all the kids pretty hard.
Not that Onyx was security, but at least the alert bark deterrent helped!

I got my first GSD Stomper when my DH was working nights and people knew his schedule...I was getting some creepy phone calls(before cell phones were even a thought!) so we decided to get a dog to keep me company.
Kept by Onyx, Kacie Karlo and Gambit

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We have a year lease here, but we plan on buying a house here since my MIL is here and housing is cheap. My wife works in Toledo, and I'd rather not live there. I just got too used to where I was living. Grim doesn't bark when people knock. Now if I got nervous about someone knocking, he probably would. He does lay in front of the door we use when the sun goes down. Just naturally started doing it. He doesn't bark unless he sees something as a threat. My wife's dog barks all the flipping time over everything, though. Grim isn't very big, still, but he has an adult bark...and that dark face helps. Lesson learned! All these stories of you guys' incidents makes me feel like I'm not so alone in this. It's not a nasty area... just back on planet earth, LOL!
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Old 12-13-2012, 08:59 PM   #18 (permalink)
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Oh, I'm pretty sure Grim will bark in a few months...very...very... LOUDLY.
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Old 12-13-2012, 09:10 PM   #19 (permalink)
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Not necessarily...depends on thresholds.
Karlo doesn't bark even though my other two go off at the first scent of someone. Karlo assesses the situation before he barks. He'll be the one in the shadow, stealthily watching before reacting.
Though every single time I quietly shut my laptop, Karlo barks excitedly...even late at night. I've tried to sneakily do it, and he hears it.
Kept by Onyx, Kacie Karlo and Gambit
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Old 12-13-2012, 09:22 PM   #20 (permalink)
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I'm quite sure our dogs prevented a break in once. They are loose in the house when we're away. One weekend I was bringing in groceries, went to push the door shut with my foot and the door bounched back open. The frame was split down by the bottom hinge like someone had kicked the door. We also have signs on both gates and one in the window. One reads something like "I can made it to the fence in 30 seconds, can you?"
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