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NancyJ 12-08-2012 10:57 PM

More Beau - not SAR stuff
Well today we took Grim to the holistic vet for his blood panel, a cold laser treatment, and a general checkover - and Beau was riding shotgun because our next stop was the lake for some water training.

We got blocked in my the Christmas parade BIG TIME and we were just chatting because none of the other customers could get there. I said "do you have a digitial x-ray machine?" and she said they just got one. I had planned on not transferring Beau over to her until after he had his 2 year old OFA x-rays and finished his first year shots.

As luck would have it he was due for his first year shots {he had the rabies shot 4 weeks ago- with the old vet thinking I was way silly for not doing them all at once} we got him in for an unplanned appt and he got a distemper only shot (she has the individual vaccines-the least I can get at the old vet is the DAPP and a lecuture about lepto) and will go back in a few weeks for the parvo. After that, titers.

I even told her I was giving the ivomec and she was fine [no dire lectures there either]

So all in all, glad I made the switch in a serendipitous way. On the side - it was cute the vet tech gave him a treat then he kept looking at her pocket, then her eyes, back and forth. Then he threw himself on the floor in a perfect "down" and looked at her again so she could not resist. All went well - a bit squirmy on the HW test blood draw and the temperature but otherwise fine. no growlies.

We then went to water training and Beau was great on the boat and Grim got a chance to swim in the lake a little. Made Beau take it easy the rest of the day due to the shot. [I did not ask but she also gave him a homeopathic after the shot]

GatorBytes 12-08-2012 11:05 PM

Good stuff :) sounds like it went very well.

Nice story.

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