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selzer 11-17-2012 05:57 PM

Bad time at Tractor Supply, but not with a dog.
This rant just does not seem to fit. Could have used General Information, if that fits better.

Ok, so here goes. I was going out of town last weekend so my dad had to take care of the beasties. I have been down a kennel for a couple of years, when I put up a few panels in the puppy pen, and gave Joy her own spot. But then I got Gretta back. And I paid my contractor $1000 to start work on two more kennels. This was about six months ago.

Gretta made eleven and I have nine kennels -- ten if you add Joy's section of the puppy pen. Well Babs has just been inside since Gretta came back. On Sundays Dad goes to my house to let her out.

Then Hepzibah hurt herself. I took her out of Jenna's kennel and gave her the puppy pen, which meant that two bitches would have to be inside and I had a rotation where three bitches shared two kennels. But this would not do for a weekend of me being totally gone. Dad would come over twice on Saturday, but that is just not good enough.

The kennels were supposed to be done, but the contractor had other stuff going on, and then he went to jail, and then when he got out it started raining. I have a massive hole in Far Field and now everything is totally soggy. Anyhow, before October I told him I needed those kennels by November. And October turned into November, and I was still rotating dogs. Now we have to wait until the ground freezes to get the concrete truck back there. Yay.

So I am flipping out about this, when I realize, on the way back from my sister's on Sunday night that I could break two of my 15' footers in half using some of the same panels I used in the puppy pen. On Monday I called Walter, and we arranged for him to meet me on Tuesday at Tractor Supply.

They sell the Doc Bob kennels at Tractor Supply, and they sell the single panels, and gate panels. I saw little tags inside telling how much they cost. So I went there, to meet with the Contractor (the one Babs doesn't like), and I found what I needed. I saw they had a complete kennel -- five side panels and a gate panel, and they had a gate and 4 panels.

I got the girl to come out with me and showed her what I wanted. I needed two gate panels and two side panels. She said I had to order the panels, they don't sell them separately. I said they must because you need 5 panels and a gate panel to make a kennel, there are only 4 there. She went and got her boss.

So I started out telling her what I needed. She would have none of it. She said she would sell me the two panels and the gate panel and order another gate panel for me. I told her I needed it to be ready before Friday though. She said that wasn't her fault.

I know it wasn't her fault. It wasn't my fault either, but who cares. What a crappy remark.

I told her ok, I will buy the kennel and the extra gate panel, but could I trade her some side panels for the gate panel as I really only need two side panels. No, that would be unethical. Unethical??? How. The side panels cost $70 the gate panel costs about $100. I would trade two for one, I would have traded three for one.

Well she said that she could not do that. That I would be paying a lot more if I bought them separately. I would have to pay about $340 for two gates and two panels. I said Done. Will do that. The full kennel costs $300. But she would not, could not do it.

I told her someone already had done it, obviously. She said they should not have. Ok. I said that I bought a gate and a panel a couple of years ago here. She still would not do it. Ok, fine. I pulled out the big guns and tried the old I'm-your-best-customer-card. She said everyone says that.

Well, darn! Maybe everyone does say that, but isn't part of retail sales making customers feel special? Make them feel like they want to separate themselves from their greenbacks in your store? Maybe it isn't. I do spend about $200 a week at that store. It may not seem like much but it adds up.

She gave me the sale price on the kennel, and with the extra gate panel, it cost me $375. So now I have 3 extra panels, that I really have nothing to do with, at this point.

Whatever. I have to go and buy some dog food, and I am really on the fence now as to whether I want to use their store at all now. It is close, only 12 miles away which is a benefit. It just irks me.

I am not usually such a crappy customer, but gee whiz, I wasn't asking her to open a box of something and selling me part of it. These panels are sold separately. They sell them!

Ah well, I have to go there by eight to get another bag of dog food. I hope it came in or I will really be ticked. They had only one bag on Tuesday and I need two of each for a week. Uhg!

Stevenzachsmom 11-17-2012 06:05 PM

How frustrating. I think you should try to talk them into selling you half a bag of dog food.
(Take your own container.) HA!

PatchonGSD 11-17-2012 06:16 PM

I would call and speak to the store manager. She sounded rude, and I'm sure she didnt know what she was talking about. This sounds like what I go through at Lowes home depot.

arycrest 11-17-2012 07:04 PM

If it were me, I'd write a letter to the corporate headquarters and say pretty much what you said in your message!!!

A_selders 11-17-2012 08:43 PM

tractor supply
I have to second what Arycrest and Patch both had to say. As someone who works retail both of these methods will usually get you satisfied. If a customer leaves our store and calls or emails corporate the complaint is rolled back to our store manager and he is made to call the customer and eat crow and usually offer the customer at least a 30 dollar or more gift card.

selzer 11-17-2012 09:06 PM

I had it typed out and ready to send from the website before I posted this. I did not send it. Frankly, if I had an employee that treated a customer like I was treated, there would be serious repercussions. And I don't want to get her fired. I just don't.

I do like that store, normally get good service there, and I really don't want to have people looking at me funny when I go in there.

One time I contacted a store about service. It was PetsMart in Willouby. It was when Heidi was a puppy and the groomer tied her by the neck up on a table and then went to answer the phone. She fell off the table and was hanging. I saw this happen from outside. Two other groomers had to grab her and put her back on the table. She let everyone pass by with dog in their hands, etc, and no problems. When I came in to collect her, the groomer failed to mention letting her hang herself and told me she was the most fearful GSD, etc, etc. I left the room and took the girl the circuit of the store (my version of counting to ten) and went back in there and asked if she thought maybe she had acted a little off because she dropped her off the table. She then told me the dog jumped. I was so furious with her that I walked out and called the manager after I got home -- about an hour's drive. The manager backed her up totally. I was shocked. I haven't been back to that store.

Gharrissc 11-17-2012 09:24 PM

I wouldn't be surprised if the groomer called the manager ahead of time to tell her side of the story after you left.


Originally Posted by selzer (Post 2632412)
I was so furious with her that I walked out and called the manager after I got home -- about an hour's drive. The manager backed her up totally. I was shocked. I haven't been back to that store.

selzer 11-17-2012 09:33 PM

I expect she did.

Kayos and Havoc 11-17-2012 10:04 PM

Sorry it was a bad day for you! Maybe one day you might need the extra panels?

selzer 11-17-2012 10:13 PM


Originally Posted by Kayos and Havoc (Post 2632468)
Sorry it was a bad day for you! Maybe one day you might need the extra panels?

By the time Walter gets these kennels built, I probably WILL have to halve them too.


I just put Hepzibah's name at the bottom of my list as it looks like she will be with me for a while. I had someone willing to give me a couple of dogs, good pedigrees, good breeding, and if I had those kennels open, it would have been real tempting, but right now I really don't want to increase the number of dogs.

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