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Mother of 6 and grandma of 8 and dog lover. No kids of mine ever bolted at any time because we were always holding hands when out in public. If a kid comes toward my dog, I would always try to be ready but this is the parents fault but as dog owners we have to watch out for other peoples kids because they don't.
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I understand how the world can throw crazy moments at dogs and owners when they are out and about in public. If I am able to spot a child approaching my dog I can quickly keep moving forward to avoid the child. I can also turn around and walk away from the child too.

If I am in a situation where a kid is on my dog I have no problem grabbing the child in a non violent way to remove them off and away from my animal. The way I see the situation is a parent allowed their kid to run up to a strange dog and do nothing to stop it. The parent has just committed child neglect. Allowing a child to engage in a possible life threatening situation is pretty serious. I would compare it to allowing a little kid to play with a hand gun that might be loaded...
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Originally Posted by codmaster View Post
Wow! That action (depending on how it is implemented) could cause a few real problems!

I can't imagine some stranger adult "removing my kid" without me risking 20 to life!

And god help the person who tried something like that if my dog was in the vicinity.

Would be a MUCH better idea to remove the dog, I would think!
it'sa bit hard to remove the dog when there is a child clinging to his face like a spider monkey. I grabbed the kid's hand and said "leave the doggie alone" and pulled her off him. Her mom came up screaming about my vicious dog, other parents at the park threatened to call the police because she was neglecting to supervise her child.

I don't see it any differently than removing a child from any dangerous situation. Last fall at the fair parade, kids were playing on the courthouse lawn. The ball rolled under a car waiting at the stop light. An UNSUPERVISED child started to crawl under the car. Of course, the parents freaked out because a "scary stranger" pulled the boy away from the car and the kid was screaming because he wanted his ball. She DID get arrested that evening.

If you're stupid enough to let your 4yr olds play in traffic (or maul strange dogs) I don't think you are allowed to react if another adult has to remove them to safety.
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Originally Posted by Caledon View Post
A friend of mine had a child who was a bolter too. As unpopular as it may be (even was 25 years ago) she put her child in a harness (back from her childhood). She also had one of those wrist attachments and used it when they went to crowded places like amuzement parks.

Her comment was that it was better to get dirty looks from others than have her child hurt because he bolted. She also had other young children.

I'm not shy any more about telling parents to keep their kids away from my dog, which is fine with kids. I don't like the assumption on the parents behalf and I don't want the kids to think all dogs are friendly. If the parents don't have the sense to educate their kids then I will if the circumstatance arise.

But everyone is right, kids and dogs move fast and although you can pre-empt some things you cannot pre-empt all.
my family still laughs as i was a "harnessed kid" and our gsd was allowed off leash. this was in 1960 when i was 3.
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Originally Posted by Jag View Post
I disagree. I don't think the dog or owner are at fault in any way. The dog's space was invaded, the dog was physically assaulted in a way by this out of control child under no control by a parent that was present. If you intervene and touch someone else's child, then they can call the police. Yet someone can come up and violate your dog and that's OK? Bull. That kid is going to end up eaten one of these days, and it will be 100% the parents' fault.
most of what you said is true, but in the end, the dog that does the eating will pay the price.
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like forest said, "stupid is as stupid does". since we can't fix stupid, we have to give the kid a pass and educate how to treat animals. maybe the parent will learn and maybe not. i guess because i live in a rural area, no side walks ect.., i don't see how someone could not see the child coming. i also wouldn't bring my dog to such a crowded area where i can't control my dogs surroundings. the blame falls on the parent. if an incident occurred, the dog pays the price.
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Originally Posted by ozzymama View Post
My husband ever told me to shut up in front of anyone, he'd be on the ground.

Sounds like all the lights are on, but nobody is home with the family.
my wife is 5ft 1 inch and 97 lbs, but she scares enough that i would never talk to her like that in public.
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i found out the little girls dad is a K-9 cop that actually trained my dog
I've read this a few times now and I can't figure out...why a k9 officer would have trained your dog??
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Originally Posted by Jag View Post
I have raised 3 kids, and I still think all kids are brats! Maybe even more so because I've raised kids.
hahahah, well said !!
I have a couple of my own and I also feel the same way.

The other day at petsmart some little girl was nicely petting Lola when all of a sudden she threw herself around her neck and hugged her.

I was stunned ..

Lola :German Shepherd born 08/02/2012
Vader:Aussie/Border Collie born 05/06/2014
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"Originally Posted by ozzymama
My husband ever told me to shut up in front of anyone, he'd be on the ground."

Ha! Ha! This sounds like the folks who say "My cat can beat your GSD up if he comes too close"; or the guy in my OB club who told me once that his shy, submissive female gsd "would kick my 88 lb male dominant male's GSD butt if he comes too close!"

Same reaction to all - Good Luck with that".
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