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Default Has your dog ever protected you?

Hello all, I have always wondered wether or not my dog(s) would protect me if I needed them, I'm sure many of us have. Recently one of my dogs showed me that he may very well protect me and I am sharing and hope others will too.

Finn is one of my male GSD's, the one closest to me as a matter of fact. He was born here 2 weeks premature. When he wasn't in my shirt he was in a homemade incubator in my bathroom closet. Raised the way he was, we are very close. He is now a year old.

We live on a farm and have been self employed for 24 years. Last summer we hired a young man but he was incredibly stupid ( that is being nice ) and only lasted a few weeks. Thank goodness he found another job and quit us so we didn't have to fire him. The other job didn't last through his orientation and every few months he would show up here asking my husband for a job. This "kid" gave me the creeps, I don't know why, it wasn't anything I could put my finger on but he made me very very uncomfortable. I was glad to see him go.

A few weeks ago I was home alone and outside, Finn was the only one with me. This kid pulled up but I didn't recognize the car. When I saw who it was I was immediately freaked out, I certainly wasn't going to invite him in so I sat on one of the chairs on the porch. He walks up and sits down in another and immediately asks for a job. I told him we weren't hiring etc. During this exchange of words, Finn came and sat in front of me on my feet, very alert and just stared at this kid. He asked me what his name was and then all but begged Finn to come to him. Finn wouldn't move, and that is very unlike him, he is usually very friendly. He didn't bark, or growl but stayed right there in front of me extremely alert. Since he was sitting on me i could also feel that he was very tense, I just knew that if this kid stood up to fast, or came any closer it would be ugly. Shortly after he left and hasn't been back. yet.

Now I really dont' know if Finn picked up that something was off about this kid, or if he picked up that I was uncomfortable but he sure made me feel safer and I was so very impressed with his judgement and behavior.

On a different note, he (Finn) has started a new behavior that I can do without. My daughter came to see me a few days ago and we sat and visited. When she left she hugged me and Finn ran over, jumped up and body slammed her!! We were both so shocked we didn't react, we were just like "what is that??!" She came over again today and when she hugged her Dad goodbye he did it again! She said oh I forgot I'm not allowed to hug anyone anymore. So I got up and hugged my son and he got bodyslammed. This dog literally hurls himself at huggers!! My husband and I have begun to correct this but Finn isn't liking it

Anyone else have any similar stories?
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Yes, more than once and different dogs. One time a burgler came over the back fence, the dogs took him to the ground and stood on him. One of the same dogs later protected me from a person who was trying to push his way in my screen door. After that we moved out to the country. Where different dogs protected my children and I from a rattle snake. None of these dogs were trained to protect. They did it naturally. Good dogs!
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this is my 4th GSD. 1 was protective 2 were love all, lick all
like my current dog.
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My first GSD became VERY protective of me. My ex turned violent, and my dog was having none of it. He backed him away from me. He later bit. It was totally warranted. Unfortunately, my ex took my dog to a pound, lied about him biting a child and had him put down. If they'd checked for his chip, they'd have known he wasn't the dog's owner. He gave his life in the end to protect mine. He even slept directly on top of me for many months. He had no formal training, he was just doing what was in his genes.. protect his handler at all costs. I expect my new pup will be the same. He follows me everywhere and checks in with me often if he goes out of my sight. One of the many reasons I love shepherds!
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My pup is only 9 weeks old so she's still in the play with everyone mode. I just wanted to say that these are all amazing stories! I'm so touch by them! I too do wonder if she will ever by instinct protect me if ever needed. I'm working on her to be an all around friendly dog that will lick and love everyone. But even if she is raised to be nice, will she be that nice if someone attacks me or my family?

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I don't know if this guy would have actually done anything, but one time me, my husband, and Chrono were alone at a skate park and there was this guy standing behind some bushes pretty far away. It looked like he was talking on his cell phone. Over the course of about half an hour he kept getting closer to us. He would walk forward a bit, then stand there on his cell phone some more, usually sort of hidden by some object. As he started getting closer Chrono would growl every time he moved. Eventually he approached us but he didn't seem right. He kept asking us what street this was, and we didn't know what it was called so we kept telling him we didn't know.

Chrono was at the end of his leash, growling and barking at the guy with his hackles up. He was ferocious. Chrono loves absolutely everyone, so this was extremely unusual. Actually our biggest behavioral problem at the time was him getting really excited whenever he would see a stranger, dragging us around trying to greet people, and attempting to solicit attention from strangers we walked past on walks.

The guy kept getting closer to us and seemed to be completely unaware of Chrono. I had to keep bringing Chrono in closer to us, who was on a retractable leash, because I was worried the guy was going to get bit. Eventually he stopped at about 8 feet, Chrono went from having 16 feet of leash to 4 feet, and then finally the guy went away. We kept telling him that if he just walked up the street and looked at a street sign then he would know what street he was on, but he kept asking us, then pausing to talk on his cell phone, then asking us again. Unfortunately we were the only people there so we couldn't even ask someone else if they knew what street we were on. It was weird. If we didn't know what street we were on the first time he asked, why would we suddenly know a few seconds later? Plus in the time it took him to talk to us, he could have walked and looked at the street sign multiple times.

It was also weird how he was completely ignoring Chrono and approaching us, forcing me to bring Chrono in. I think most people would either ask me a question about Chrono or just acknowledge him, or address Chrono directly with something like 'hi doggy'. At the very least I was expecting a, 'Can you shut your dog up?', but I don't think he even looked at Chrono at all.

That's pretty much Chrono's only story of ever being protective or reactive or whatever you want to call it, but I guess I haven't been in any other situations where I felt threatened. Most people stay away from us because despite him being the friendliest dog I know, he's huge and scary looking. One time I was creeping around the house in the middle of the night trying to find something to eat without waking anyone up and he was standing at the top of the stairs, slightly illuminated from below by a night light, like those people who shine a flashlight under their faces when they tell ghost stories. He didn't recognize me and just stood there staring at me, mouth closed, totally focused and alert. He wasn't even responding to the sound of my voice or his name. I almost peed myself, he is one scary looking dog. The fact that the guy kept getting closer to Chrono means he didn't find Chrono to be any sort of deterrent, which is just nuts.

Maybe the creepy guy recognized me from this forum and read the threads about me complaining about Chrono's over-the-top friendliness.
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Banjo my Standard Dachshund is very protective of me. He has shown me this many times. He even saved my little brother from getting bit by a yellow belly water snake (non venomous). The snake story went like this:

My brother ran outside with no shirt on, only pants. So my mom called him to come back inside to get a shirt. Nathan started running for the house, and when he was about to step on the snake, Banjo jumped between the two!! The snake struck at Banjo, but missed by an inch maybe! We are still very thankful for him doing that, because if Banjo didn't step between the two it would of been a catastrophe.

Riley May, she has shown this once for me. I don't remember much because it was a long time ago. All I remember was this guy was walking towards me and she didn't like it. She stood right in front of me and starred at this guy. This was so weird as she wasn't doing her usual wag her tail and break my arm off to go say hello. When the guy was out of sight she was fine.
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Hi Susan -

Why don't you start a new thread for advice about Finn's behaviour in the Behaviour forum? That is worth a thread of its own, and don't want to detract from the main topic of this thread. Thanks!

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Yes, she has, she was probably some where between 9 months to a year old. (shes 10yrs old now) We were at the park, (non dog park) and we were walking the trail when it was time to go home. It was dusk and getting dark really quick, to get back to my car we had to walk under a bridge. Leading up to the bridge were bushes and trees, and like I said, it was dark. Bailey is an all black GSD and she was all the way out on her leash (6ft leash) in front of me sniffing around. We get almost to the bridge and I feel someone behind me and see two hands on either side of me, next thing I know Bailey starts snarling and going all crazy and grabs the guy by the leg, she got him good cause he ran away limping.

I ran to my car and called my cousin who was with the Sheriffs dept. He told me that there had been some women who had been assaulted in that area and I was lucky I had my dog with me.

Oddly enough, at the time I was a member of this board and I was told by some members (no longer here) that my dog could now not be trusted, that I didn't have control over my dog and I would have problems with her, oh, and that the guy could sue me for her biting him. I called my cousin back and he told me not to worry about it, there were no witnesses and whats he gonna say "er, uh, yes, I tried to rape this woman and her dog bit me" lol.

Oh, and she is 10yrs old and I haven't had any trouble out of her, in fact we went on to do some protection training and she excelled at it (we stopped years ago, money and her hips weren't liking it) all while dealing with two little kids at her heels (or her at theirs!) all the time.
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I don't know if this is true, but I think a dog who is in tune with their owner knows when something is wrong.

Gunner was 9 months old when I went to Sam's Club in a "not so great' city here in NJ. It's on a major road and I felt it was the safer part of the city.
It was a beautiful June (early June) morning. It was cool and a bit windy.
I brought Gunner with me, knowing I was only running in for one thing and I wouldn't be long. I parked way out in the parking lot where no other cars were present. This way I could open the windows for Gunner and he would be very cool (I never brought him in hot weather, so no lectures lol).

I was not in there more than 10 minutes. Walked to my car, unlocked all the doors so I could put my item in the trunk.
Got in the car, started it, then reached over to my purse to put my membership card back in my wallet.
Just as I did that, I saw a guy in a hoodie (it was up) walking towards my car. Gunner was laying down in the back seat. I thought it was strange that he was headed straight for me. There wasn't another car in sight and I instantly got a bad feeling. Bear in mind, this is all happening in a split second. Before I could even reach for the door locks, the guy came into view at the window, his arm outstretched (like he was reaching for the door) and into Gunner's view. All heck broke loose. Gunner shot up, barking, growling and stood on the center console, as if to block me.

The guy, likely needing a new pair of shorts, took off like a bat out of....well, you get the picture.
I threw the car into gear and high tailed it out of there. My heart was pounding, I was shaking and Gunner was calm. He undoubtedly saved me from being car jacked, or worse.
Now, why didn't I call the police? I know, I feel bad that I didn't. But I wasn't thinking. In all honesty I couldn't have given a description of the guy. He had the hoodie up, and I only got a glimpse of him since it happened so fast. He was very dark skinned and with a black hoodie, I couldn't see his face. And once Gunner got involved I couldn't see the guy since Gunner was blocking me.

9 months old and I know he felt my nervousness at the situation. I had never had a problem with people approaching the car (not just my car, but just being in a parking lot situation with people walking around). We had been many places and he went everywhere with me in the winter/spring. It's like he knew this was different and that's because I became scared.
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