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anitram 06-24-2014 08:27 AM

Terrified that our 6 mo old has HD
We are going to call our vet today to see if we can go in this week and have Hans evaluated and sent for x-rays. There are just too many things that are coming together that make me really fear he has HD...and given his age that it might be bad.

The "signs":
- he's always been cow hocked but as he gets older he's more swaying/loosey-goosey in the back and I thought if anything this would go away...wasn't worried initially as he is a show line and has pretty extreme rear angulation.
- he bunny hops when he runs fast, now it's not as horrible as some videos I've seen in that his back legs do actually hit the ground at slightly different times but still looks very much like a bunny hop.
- after running around a lot, usually when playing with another dog or puppy, he basically just comes home and collapses and needs a LONG time to recover.
- he is VERY slow to get up, basically pulls himself up by his front legs and the back ones struggle.
- he started frog sitting a couple of weeks ago and he never used to do that.
- his back legs/hips are very boney while his chest is super wide/well-developed.
- he never jumps up on the couch or into the car, rather he goes up with his front legs and then tries to climb in with the back.

Obviously very worried about all this. He goes up the stairs without any issues and he does jump up on the kitchen counter to try to grab food or on us when we come home from work. As he's reached 6 months he's kind of become the perfect puppy, really, very calm, sleeps a lot, not hyper, etc. He is about 57 lbs at 6 months but he is tall and thin, the way I've wanted to keep him as we've been doing puppy agility. He eats premium food, he gets a bunch of raw supplemented as well, we carried him up the stairs until he was 4.5-5 months old, he mostly walks off leash so he's never been forced to exercise or anything like that. He's from a great breeder and his parents have excellent scared that we did everything right and it might not have mattered!

Just bracing myself for the worst here...we do have a warranty but there is no chance we're returning him, he's our baby.

JakodaCD OA 06-24-2014 08:32 AM

6mth olds are still going to be sloppy walkers/movers/ etc. I wouldn't worry about it until you get those xrays done..He's still growing.

You may want to work on building up good muscle tone by swimming which is low impact..

I had one gsd who never jumped on anything, his hips were fine, it was just the way he was.

anitram 06-24-2014 09:01 AM

Thanks...we'll see the vet tomorrow and see what he says.

I guess my main concern is that with every other pup we've had, they've gotten MORE active and crazy around this age. But Hans is kind of acting like an old man. He'll go out and play and run around, but then he comes home and sleeps for hours. A few months ago, he'd come home and then still run around the house trying to wreak havoc. Now he does have a dog walker who takes him out for an hour at lunch with he pack and he gets to go off leash on her property so I know that he runs around a ton then and plays with the dogs and just loves it. So maybe he's more tired than our other dogs who used to be crated all day.

I just don't like how tired he seems after exercise and how long it takes him to stand up from a lying down position. I used to think that it was because we have hardwood throughout the house but I'm noticing he's slow to get up on grass and other surfaces as well.

JessePinkman 06-24-2014 09:37 AM

My pup is currently 9.5 months old, he has the wobbly hips at times, gets tired fast, likes to be helped into car onto bed etc. But I honestly just think he enjoys being helped up and the attention, lol, and probably a bit lazy. He does do the frog sit, but he has done that his whole life, and he does a normal sit at times too, just depends. He also likes to lay down and eat, but he has done that since we got him at 3 months.

I take him swimming and all of a sudden he can go for hours, running around the shore like a crazed animal. I think he is just a more relaxed pup, yours perhaps is very similar.

I think you are just worrying too much, I think unless he is doing bunny hop up stairways, then you should be concerned.

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