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Taz's Mom 06-24-2014 01:19 PM

any suggestions for training reward ????
Started SAR training with Taz about a month ago, the group I am training with thinks he is doing amazing for his age. Taz is not super excited over anything like toys. I have bought every toy that people on this site says their dog love, and nothing. The group tells me he has to be working for something or will get bored and not want to search, they don't want me to use treats of food for reward. I am at a loss for what to do, I have just been praising him like crazy when he makes a find. Anyone have any suggestions.

Castlemaid 06-24-2014 01:31 PM

Do you mean SAR training?

Taz's Mom 06-24-2014 04:17 PM

Yes SAR sorry I hate auto correct

gsdsar 06-24-2014 04:40 PM

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It's tough to do most types of SAR with a dog that does not like to play. They need to have a very special reward to make it worth their while.

All of my live find dogs use toys. My new boy, who will be hopefully doing HRD was started with food, but quickly transitioned to a toy. (Which was a surprise to me because he is not toy driven)

I have seen toys that have pouches that food can be hidden in. (Ow bad grammar). You can start the dog with food given from the toy, then once comfortable, the victim can "tease" with the good toy by dragging it around before letting him get it, then possibly he can tradition totally off it.

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Taz's Mom 06-24-2014 04:59 PM

He likes to play if I am playing. He gets super excited when I put on his harness he knows what we are getting ready to do. Is praise when he makes a find good enough, it seems to be enough for now. Just don't want him to get bored later on. He just doesn't seem to want to play when we are tranning

gsdsar 06-24-2014 05:12 PM

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Will he play with other people when not in a training sequence?

For most GSD, praise is not enough. Once the problem get harder and the dog is pushed more, the praise at the end is rarely enough to motivate.

Of course without seeing your dog I can't judge his drive. Or what's motivating him, so it's hard to say. Are you doing trailing or air scent?

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Castlemaid 06-24-2014 05:15 PM

I corrected the typo in your first post, moved the thread to the SAR section, and made the subject line more specific.

Hope this will help get your question the appropriate attention. :)

martemchik 06-24-2014 05:22 PM

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How old is the dog?

counter 06-24-2014 05:32 PM

Your dog won't play fetch or tug or anything? That's strange. Ha! And weird that they don't allow for food rewards, especially when nothing else seems to be working. I know in my previous K9 SAR group, you basically had to act silly and go crazy to hype up the dog to let it know it's doing the right thing and you're super happy for him because of it. It took a while for us newbies to be able to jump around like an ape and use a squeaky happy voice to praise the dog. We were all adults acting like children, but it did have a positive effect on our dogs, and once we got passed our own embarrassment, we saw better results. But we all also used toys and tugs and played fetch and/or used special food rewards. Whatever the reward was, they only got it to reinforce the positive results in training, and were never allowed to do the same reward at home for general obedience/play. I'm sure there are leaders and highly experienced trainers in your unit that you could ask for some one on one training, guidance and advice. Our unit leader was a well known SAR dog trainer, and the first ever certified in the state of Oregon. There were members in the group that would pay him on the side for additional training to help their dogs get over certain obstacles. What would take many hours to overcome, this particular trainer could analyze and assist your dog in 5 minutes. He was amazing! His part-time job outside of SAR and his regular day job was as a dog trainer, which is why they paid him as compensation for all the amazing things he was able to do for these dogs. So that's always an option too, and one that I never thought of in that previous unit for my own dog. Wish I would've thought of that, to get the additional training on off days, as my dog could've really used it, as could I!!! Good luck. SAR is amazing, and I think I'll stick with the K9 SAR community until my body can no longer handle it.

DutchKarin 06-24-2014 06:05 PM

I don't pretend to be an expert. This is my first SAR dog and also one of the most complicated dogs I have ever owned.... complicated, head strong and sensitive all at the same time. But like your Taz, he shows an amazing work ethic and a nose for SAR. I too have been challenged by toys. My SAR folks told me that most puppies start with a great food drive and it is okay to use that and constantly be checking for toy drive. That it will develop with most dogs. A friend of mine had a Golden that didn't chase a ball until it was 18 months old and then became a fiend for the ball and a very good avalanche SAR dog.

For Tygo, we used food first. Oddly, I had to learn to play with Tygo with a trainer. This dog is so sensitive to cueing that I lost some of the fun of play and for him it became about possession. That training has been very successful. We are now able to use a chuck-it squirrel for a combination of tub and frisbee and that seems to be working well. It has been very important for me to only use his favorite toy in SAR work. It can't be used at other times or it loses its specialness to him.

I do, like you I think, wonder about the ability of a dogs work ethic to carry him through the work. Tygo has always had a very determined work ethic.

One other thing, I once has a Pyrenean shepherd that I got as a 3 year old with no toy drive. I was able to tap into it though with a rabbit pelt. She went nuts for that and I was able to transfer that to toys... then my brother's Berner ate the rabbit pelt. So beware if you go that route.


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